Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Uninvited Guests

Hello Lovely Readers

Apologies (grovel, grovel, grovel) for my long absence. However, I thought you might like to see our latest house guest. I say "guest" although he (she?) walked in the other evening uninvited and made himself at home.

Mr Thrifty was reading in the lounge and caught the visitor out of the corner of his eye and thought it was our cat, Gomez. He certainly did a double take when he realised it wasn't and called us down to have a look. #4 coaxed the visitor out from beneath the couch with ham, but his idea of catching him in a shoe box didn't work out. 

He decided to have a little play in the potato basket, a look around the kitchen and a nosey in the bin (full of Zena's hair after I had brushed her).

When the boys had had enough playing they coaxed him out with a broom and he left the same way he had entered, by the back door.

I contacted the British Wildlife Society as we aren't supposed to have pole cats in our area, but that is what we thought it might be. The very nice man from the BWS emailed back to say that he thought it was a pole cat x ferret and had possibly been an escapee pet as he seemed rather friendly.

Anyhow, it brightened an otherwise dull evening and #3 (who is 19) described it as "the best day ever" - bless him.

So, what do you think? Is the BWS man right or do you think it is something else? Anyone in East Anglia seen pole cats? (They are apparently spreading east)

Love Mrs Thrifty

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Good Evening Lovely Readers and many, many apologies for my lack of posts...

Thank you for all the lovely comments you left after I returned from Canada. I am still organising the house and de-cluttering, but the end is in sight. Pics to follow soon.

I have been lucky enough to have been awarded the 'one lovely blog' award by the wonderful Sue from who is currently in Africa. Sue is such an inspiration for anyone wanting to pay off their mortgage and still lead a full life. Thank you Sue.


Thank the person who nominated you on their blog -Thanks Sue.

Tell 7 things about yourself

1. The most amazing place I have visited is Petra in Jordan.

2. I love reading travel books and novels set in other countries. One of my favourite ever books is Lisa St Aubin de Teran's "Off the Rails: Memoires of a Train Addict".

3. I am hearing impaired and use BSL with friends who sign. I lost my hearing through Meniere's Disease. I belong to a signing choir. My hearing dog, Zena, goes everywhere with me. 

4. I love the look on peoples' faces when I tell them I teach languages.... they assume it would be impossible with my hearing loss. 

5. I love "Little Women" and "Jane Eyre" - two of my favourite childhood novels - both given to me by my Grandmother.

6. My hero(ine) is my Nanny who was dumped in a convent by her mother to be raised as an orphan. She never knew that she had a family who had moved from Dublin to London and lived near to the convent where she had been placed. Although they had money, my Nanny had been born out of wedlock to a widow and in 1906 Ireland that was not acceptable. Her mother later married the father but they never made contact with my Nanny who died when I was 17. She taught me to knit and to sew. I still miss her.

7. I have worked as a teacher, counsellor, community theatre worker, shop assistant, make-up consultant, canning factory worker, waitress, barmaid, chambermaid, accounts clerk, and voluntary care worker, breastfeeding counsellor and Samaritan.

Nominate 15 blogs. This is hard because there are so many that I love, but I consider most of these my "blog friends":

Sue at
Debbie at
Isobel at
Jane and Chris at
Kay and Sime at
Cindy at
Amanda at
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I will be back to blogging soon - I promise - swamped by the de-cluttering and sore eyes (apparently they are very dry following the laser eye surgery and I now have two different eye drops to try. Excuses, excuses .... I know.

Lots of love
Mrs Thrifty

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Going Underground

Remember this?

I am winning the clutter war and will be back soon. Welcome to new follower Kim.

Love Mrs Thrifty