Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hello 2013

Hello Lovely Readers

How are you? Are you enjoying the prospect of a new year? I don't know where the last part of 2012 went, but somehow I have crawled my way into 2013.  It was all going so well. I was loving blogging and then I started a new job and it all went to pot. I stopped all my crafting because I could barely keep my head above water at school. And I had nothing to say........ Now for anyone who knows me, you will find that somewhat miraculous! But it is true ..... I just dried up. I am not quite sure how we did Christmas.... but we did ....
... and we celebrated #4's 18th on Boxing Day as well as #2's 24th. We had a 2nd Christmas Dinner in honour of #2 who was with Gorgeous Girlfriend's family on Christmas Day. He adores a roast dinner, as do his brothers. 

But, new beginnings are here again with the arrival of a new year and there is always hope. My sister has started blogging about counting blessings and so I am waving goodbye to the lacklustre soul that I have been of late, and I am starting afresh. So, my dearest readers, if you are new to my pages.... "Welcome" and if you are old friends then, "Hello again - please forgive my absence."

I started blogging on 30th December 2011 and so I am a year old in Blogworld. I started with these thoughts as the old year waned......

I will try to be more frugal.      (I made inroads into this and learnt to spend less - thank you to the Blog Friends who inspired this)
I will try to be more healthy.       (Nah..... this didn't really happen. I dieted and stopped, so here's to 'New Beginnings' again.......)
I will try to engage my brain before talking.  (Mostly managed this one)
I will try to be more compassionate.    (I tried and checked myself when I wasn't)
I will try to find ways to love myself.       (Mmmmmmmmmmm another non-starter)
I will have a life outside of work.      (Oh dear!)
I will spend less.             (I did)
I will use up the food in the larder/freezer/fridge before going shopping (I am a hoarder).   (Partly managed this)
I will (finally) de-clutter my life! (In spite of some peoples' comments, I am NOT like that poor man on the telly who hoards absolutely everything, but I do hang on to things I no longer need). This is the year to act on William Morris' adage not to own anything that that is neither useful or beautiful. (Okay, I didn't do as much as I wanted and it all came to a grinding halt at the end of August, but I did part with 2559 items last year which is a jolly good start).

The clothes sort began ....................
and was completed......

So, some good, some not so good, but isn't that what life is like? I think all of last year's musings will be works-in-progress. Maybe, I need to be more realistic with myself. I do love blogging and I felt so privileged to meet so many lovely people via their amazing blogs - so thank you all for that!

In December, we ended the old year with some good news. #2 passed the final exams for his Chartered Accountancy and is now a fully-fledged chartered accountant. We are so very proud of him. A week later, after 13 months of assessments and meetings and more assessments and more meetings, Mr Thrifty and I were accepted as foster carers.... so a new chapter is about the begin. I will be continuing in teaching while Mr Thrifty becomes a full-time carer...... who knows what lies ahead!

I wish you all a wonderful and peaceful 2013 full of abundance and blessings.

Love Mrs Thrifty