Friday, 29 June 2012

Sunshine Award

Good Evening Lovely Readers

Although I have already been given this award, I have been nominated again by Linda at  and Julie at  thank you both. I am really thrilled to be awarded any kind of award and I find it fabulous that people want to read my blog and appreciate everyone who chooses to follow me.

Sunshine Award Rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you - done.
2. Answer the 10 questions on your favorite things.
3. Nominate ten blogs to receive the Sunshine Award and let them know they've been nominated.

Favorite animal: dogs - Zena wouldn't forgive me if I said otherwise and cats too of course, sorry Gomez!

Favorite number: I don't really have one - maybe 11 because I like parallel lines - bit of OCD there!
Favorite non alcoholic drink: Elderflower presse
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
My passion: crocheting... or knitting... or sewing... or maybe patchwork.. mmm I am a piscean!
Getting or giving: Giving (but getting is lovely too)
Favorite pattern: Polka dots
Favorite day of the week: probably Saturday
Favorite flower: Lily of the Valley ... and sweet peas
Favorite country: I'll let you know when I have seen them all ...

Now for ten blogs I want to nominate:

I simply cannot choose 10 because I visit and love so many ...

Some are great for thrifty ideas and others for crafts of all different kinds; others give me inspiration and ideas for new menus, diets, gardening, living life a bit differently or just having a jolly good laugh..
So..... would you please add this award to your blog with my blessings if you would like to have it. Many of the blogs I follow are on my sidebar if you want a good read - if yours isn't for some reason, let me know and I'll add it. 

with love from
Mrs Thrifty

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Mennonite Market

Good Evening Lovely Readers

One on my favourite excursions in Canada was to St Jacob's Mennonite Market - I don't think there are any Mennonites in Britain so I found the experience really fascinating.

 I also enjoyed seeing Mennonites travelling in their horse drawn buggies and exploring the crafts from these amazing people.
Photo courtesy of Google

The market itself was wonderful and was it just my imagination or did everything look so much bigger and brighter than in the UK? You be the judge!

Now according to my very good friend, Ruthie, who I believe to be an expert in these matters, one has to partake of apple fritters at St Jacob's market and who was I to refuse?

These were as good as they look and as Ruthie had promised!

I bought a beautiful hand-crafted baby book from this lady - I'll show you it when I find my camera!
I also bought maple syrup and a lovely smock  for Mr Thrifty and a receiving blanket made of the softest calico ever.

Here is the link if you would like to find out more about the market.

We then had a wander around the nearby town of St Jacobs where Ruthie had to practically drag me from a couple of quilting shops and another shop selling Mennonite and Amish crafts... take a look for yourself:

The trip was finished with lunch at the crossroads - a Mennonite restaurant offerring fantastic home-cooked food.  
The selection was truly amazing and I forced myself to have a very small portion of the main course so that I could fit in pudding - there must have been around 15 choices of dessert!

Afterwards we wandered around another gift and quilt shop - there is going to be a quilt shop in my heaven!
Have a wonderful day wherever you are

Love Mrs Thrifty

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Feel the Love

Good Evening Lovely Readers

Right now my world is good. I have just returned from a wonderful holiday with one of my best friends. Even though we hadn't seen each other for over 6 years (and even then it was only for a couple of hours following a funeral) when we drank coffee together in Tim Horton's just after my arrival, it felt like no time at all had passed. This was on facebook recently - how true is this?

I came home to my wonderful husband and my beautiful boys and, of course, the fabulous Zena. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. Mr Thrifty and I spent the first couple of days at Hearing Dog's HQ in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire catching up with Zena's trainer. Mr Thrifty knows me very well and was thoughtful enough to have brought a package with him. In my haste to explore the contents I forgot to take photographs and as I can't find my camera at the moment (this is where I have to admit that I haven't unpacked from my trip yet), so I am borrowing Debby's fabulous photos. Have you guessed yet? It was my 'Pay it Forward - handmade' from Debby in the US.

You can read Debby's post here and if you have time, go back and look at some of the amazing things Debby makes - this lady is an awesome crafter! So here is my beautiful apron:
Photo courtesy of Debby at
 Photo courtesy of Debby at  

Photo courtesy of Debby at 
Debby was spot on with my favourite colours! Thank you Debby. I added the pay it forward handmade logo to my blog offering a handmade gift, but none of my readers were able to commit to making at that time. So, in the spirit of 'pay it forward', I asked around at school if anyone would like something made and a colleague requested a jumper for her baby. Here is Quintin wearing his Rupert Bear jumper:

But my blessings didn't end there, because I arrived home to another package. I had won the give-away from Isobel at - another wonderful blog, so if you haven't discovered Isobel yet, do go and have a visit. 
Isobel's give-away included this fabulous book, 3 rather special Addi crochet hooks AND a bar of exquisite chocolate. Thank you so much Isobel. I am looking forward to starting a crochet project from the book. 

I have to say that since I started blogging in January my world has expanded. I have blog pals from different corners of the earth and have been blessed by their blogs, their comments and by the exchange of gifts. I feel equally blessed by the people who choose to follow my blog and to leave their comments.

Thank you all and may you be equally blessed.

Have a wonderful evening
Love Mrs Thrifty

Monday, 25 June 2012

Blog friends in Real Life

Good Morning Lovely Readers

Did I mention to you that I was hoping to meet up with a couple of Blog pals while I was in Canada?Unfortunately I was unable to meet with Cindy from I had no idea of just how big Ontario is (apparently the UK will fit into Ontario three times and once into Lake Ontario) and it wasn't feasible this time. I do hope we can do it another time. 

I did get to meet Jane from The Maple Syrup Mob at  - although she didn't bring the bear with her! My friend, Ruth, works all over Ontario and had to work in Barrie one day, so Jane and I were able to meet up for lunch and a wander. Jane blogged about this a while ago: Barrie is located on Kempenfelt Bay, Lake Simcoe. Jane lives way over the other side of the lake - no bridge I am afraid!

You can see a picture of the lovely meal we had on Jane's blog! I should point out that we did also have pasta, but Jane wasn't impressed with me eating white bread or worse still, drinking tap water. She was very keen to point out where it had been! However, it was only recently that I read that the air we breathe has been in our planet's atmosphere since the Earth existed.... so I did point this out and ask her who had been breathing her air. Mind boggling isn't it?

I must admit I was a tad nervous before meeting Jane, but it felt like being with an old friend. We had such a lovely day and talked about so many things... I am sure we'll meet again. Maybe we get to know each other better than we realise here in Blogland. Here she is underneath the beautiful spirit catcher sculpture:
Jane from the Maple Syrup Mob

You can read all about Ron Baird's beautiful sculpture here: It really is staggeringly magnificent and makes the most amazing noises as the wind moves around the moving pieces. 

Enjoy your day
Love Mrs Thrifty

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Canada Day 2

Good Morning Lovely Readers

The day after my arrival in Canada, Ruthie had arranged for us to go to a health spa in the blue mountains called The Scandinave.  The Scandinavian Baths experience includes a Finnish Sauna, Eucalyptus Steam Room, Thermal & Nordic Waterfalls, Hot Baths and Cold Plunges. It was wonderful and the perfect antidote to a long flight. Ruthie had even arranged for us to have massages.

I can honestly say it was one of the most relaxing experiences of my life. Thanks Ruthie.

You may remember that I had made some clothes for Ruth's daughter's children, Eden and Rosie. Here is a picture of Rosie wearing one of her dresses. This is the first picture I have of one of my creations actually being worn so it is very special. She is the most adorable baby:


                                                             Rosie and Mama, Shaaron


Shaaron sent us a photo that evening of Rosie with her ribbon taggy. Shaaron says they are really expensive to buy and both Mama and baby seem delighted with it - that's good enough for me.

Yesterday Ruth celebrated her 50th Birthday with a vintage tea party and although I was sad to have missed it, she looks spectacular and it looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Here is my special friend enjoying her special day:





Enjoy your Sunday
Love Mrs Thrifty

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Niagara Falls

Good Morning Lovely Readers 

I have been thinking about my trip to Canada and all the amazing things I saw and did, but I guess one of the highlights has to be Niagara Falls. I have quite simply never seen anything like it. You have to be there to experience the sheer power and might of the water. I don't think these photos need any explanations, although you can see that the mist from the falls is such that it obscures the falls in places.

Wish you'd been there
Love Mrs Thrifty