My Bucket List

A work in progress and inspired somewhat by SFT and FosterMummy

1. Make a patchwork quilt 
2. Make quilts for each of my children
3. Sew/knit/crochet a layette for my not-yet-born-nor-even-expected grandchild
4. Visit Japan
5. See New England in the Fall
6. Travel on the Orient Express
7. Plant a vegetable garden
8. Wear a size 12 (British size) dress
9. Swim with Dolphins
10. Read War and Peace
11. ... and Anna Karenina
12. Travel to Bhutan
13. Meet the Dalai Llama
14. Learn to spin yarn
15. Play a harp
16. Trace the origins of my family ...... a geneological trace.
17. Learn to crochet
18. Sleep in the Ice Hotel
19. See the Northern Lights
20. Ride a train through the Rockies
21. See Niagara Falls
22. Rock in a chair on a veranda with my friend Ruthie
23. Dance the Tango with Mr Thrifty
24. Eat shrimp in Mississippi
25. Go on an old steam ship down the Mississippi
26. Travel through India
27. Have a conversation with Satish Kumar
28. Visit my American relations
29. Ditto my New Zealand cousins
30. Ditto my South African cousins
31. Ride a horse into Petra
33. See the whole of my birth family enjoy a meal around one table
34. Teach in a foreign country
35. See the sunrise from a pyramid
36. Watch a the Bolshoi ballet in the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow
37. Eat ice cream in Venice
38. ... and ride a gondola
39. Drive an open-top sports car
40. See the Summer Palace
41. See inside the Kremlin
42. Stand in front of St Basils on Red Square
43. Read "When We Were Very Young" to a grandchild
44. Watch a child born
45. Visit Holy Island
46. Make photo books for each of my children
47. See Stonehenge
48. Host a vintage tea party using real china
49. Go raw
50. Sleep in a yurt
51. Go to St Nectan's Glen with my first-born
52. Learn to sign (am up to level 3)
53. Keep hens
54. Have tea at the Ritz
55. Eat in an American diner
56. Visit Ruthie in Canada
57. Live in another country
58. De-clutter my life forever
59. See a baby born (not my own)
60. Create a beautiful home 

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  1. Hi Mrs Thrifty, I have never thought of writing a bucket list. You now have me thinking what I would put on it. As we are approaching yet another christmas maybe this is something I should give some real thought to and add to my blog in the new year.


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