Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hello my Lovely Readers

.... and the hugest of huge apologies for my silence. What can I say? I spent the last 12 days of the summer break in my new school trying to sort out the department and I have pretty much worked 7am to 7pm since. I have just finished the week's planning and I am taking time out. Pub lunch and a beach walk are on the agenda for this afternoon .... if the threatening storm stays away that is.

Welcome to Alison, Poppy, Bonsaimum, η γελαστή κλωστή (sorry, no idea at all what that says!) and Hollywood Graham. I am sorry I haven't been around to welcome you earlier.

Is it really Autumn? I love Autumn but the cold is not so welcome. #3 returned to university this week and is 20 today .... only one teenager left at home and he is 18 at Christmas. Empty nest looming!

The wonderful Zena has been short-listed for an award; life changing Hearing Dog of the Year. She is in the last 3 finalists.. we have a film crew coming into school on Tuesday and the awards ceremony is in October in London. I'll keep you posted!

My crafting output is zero .... school has been all consuming, but I hope to sort out my life-work balance sooner rather than later.

Off to check out your blogs and catch up on the news.

Loads of love and have a wonderful Sunday

Mrs Thrifty
PS. Our polecat/ferret never returned!