Saturday, 23 June 2012

Niagara Falls

Good Morning Lovely Readers 

I have been thinking about my trip to Canada and all the amazing things I saw and did, but I guess one of the highlights has to be Niagara Falls. I have quite simply never seen anything like it. You have to be there to experience the sheer power and might of the water. I don't think these photos need any explanations, although you can see that the mist from the falls is such that it obscures the falls in places.

Wish you'd been there
Love Mrs Thrifty


  1. Immensely powerful, breathtakingly beautiful. What a holiday.

  2. WOW how utterly breathtakingly awesome. Thanks for sharing your spectacular pictures.
    Just read your comment on Sue's blog about 10,000 things decluttered this year. THAT is a truly awesome target. Please keep on encouraging those of us who are struggling to clear the clutter!!
    Weekend blessings xx

  3. Lovely photos, Mrs. T!

  4. Had you watched when the guy had crossed over on the tightrope when you had been here? That was "amazing", even though a little bit scary even to watch! xxx

  5. It is an amazing sight and sound. It is difficult to describe how utterly awesome it is isn't it? Did you get soaked with spray?
    Jane x

  6. Welcome back, glad you had a lovely time :)

  7. Hello mrs Thrifty,
    This is a rather special post,loved looking and dreaming(one day)...
    Gormaz is very special too!
    Thank you soo very kindly for dropping in on me also!!
    Yep cats do seem to have it all sorted, don't they!! hehex
    Have a weekend of Specialness....Maria x

  8. It's such a stunning place!

    I first visited Niagara Falls as a child & was completely blown away, so when Sime & I decided to take the kidlets on another road trip in the states - I really wanted us all to go. Hugo was only 3 at the time & he still remembers our trip vividly... A place which stays with you for life!

    Kay :)

  9. Oh the falls are magnificent, aren't they. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love Canada. Bonnie


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