Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Liebster Blog and Thrifty Shopping

Good Evening Lovely Readers 

.... and a warm welcome to new followers Deborah and Magie.You will notice that the lovely Lena at is hosting a giveaway, so if you have a minute do pop over and have a look at her sweet blog.

I was thrilled to be awarded the Liebster blog by Sue Marie - what an honour! Thank you Sue Marie and keep going with your delightful blog I have seen different rules for this award and found this on google:

I also found a few different images:

 So, the rules I am going with are:
1. Linking back to and thanking the giver
2. Post the award on your blog
3. Pass the award on to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers:

Liebster means dearest in German - isn't that lovely? I think it a great way of encouraging new blogggers with less than 200 followers. I follow so many gorgeous blogs that choosing just 5 is going to be hard! Some of the blogs I love are also award-free or they have more than 200 followers. I would happily award this to everyone with less than 200 followers because if I follow you, then I think you are a lovely blog, but after HUGE thought these are the ones I recommend to you: 
Sue at
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Jane and Chris at
Debby at
Cindy at

Now, on to being thrifty. I had a bit of time today so did a charity shop trawl with a task in mind. Next year I will celebrate my silver wedding anniversary ( and 30 years together) with the wonderful Mr Thrifty and I thought that a vintage tea party would be just the thing. So I have started looking for old china cups and saucers. Now this has proved to be far harder than I thought and evidently they have become very popular. Anyway, I did find these today:
£3 - Royal Albert
£1 for the pair
So, we can have 1 guest at the moment, but my lovely friends at the Salvation Army are going to put aside any cups and saucers that they get in for me. When I was in Canada recently, I was helping Ruthie to prepare for her 50th Birthday and her vintage tea party and we found it relatively easy to find lovely china in the thrift shops. I think dealers are buying it all up over here and then selling on at silly prices. On Sunday, I noticed that the Tally-Ho tea shop was selling cups and saucers with a single tea bag for £12.50 each!!!!!

Anyway, I also found these treasures today:

Old cotton reels at 25p each
My heart missed a beat when I saw this beauty.....

A Kingsize quilt for £4!

Well that's all from me..

Have a great evening
Love Mrs Thrifty


  1. You have been very lucky Royal Albert cup and saucer at only 3pounds and other bits of china too....and that quilt...impressive!

    Bet yr off to bed content tonight!!!!

    Amanda :-)

  2. Well thank you for the Liebster Award, Mrs. Thrifty, I am honoured. My heart would have skipped more then a couple of beats had I seen that quilt. Awesome find !!! xxx

  3. Thanks for the lovely award. That is so special! I received one from Mum as well this week.

    Your finds are lovely. I think it's a wonderful idea for your celebration. Bone China is just so special to use. I have a lovely collection, for afternoon tea.

    I really enjoy your wonderful posts.

    Sft x

  4. Congratulations on your award. I love all your finds especially the china cups. My Dear Aunt passed away quite recently and her beautiful china cups and saucers were set out at the reception after the funeral. We were asked to choose a cup for our tea or coffee and then keep it as a keepsake. I thought this was a lovely idea :)

  5. These are some great finds! And what a cute idea to have a vintage party for your anniversary! And thank you so much for mentioning my giveaway :) I really appreciate it!

  6. You are so sweet....would you like a jubilee spoon for your tea party !!!!!
    Jane x

  7. The quilt is amazing - I LOVE it! Cups n saucers are beautiful too ... there is a condition to having a plentiful stock of cups n saucers though - and it's that you MUST use them regularly and not just once then store them gathering dust!! Having had the successful 50th tea party I am now planning to host a Mother/Daughter tea time .... with the cups and saucers of course!!

  8. That quilt is so lovely....lucky you.

    Another reason you will find it hard to get vintage crockery is that so many hire companies are being set up to supply weddings etc with large amounts, they go mad buying at charity shops and car boot sales, you will just have to get in there first, and keep on good terms with the folk at the Salvation Army!!

    Sue xx

  9. Congratulations of your award. I love your finds. They are all so pretty and that quilt is really a treasure!

  10. Congrats on your award!! And thnaks for passing it on to me.

  11. Congratulations! I think a tea party sounds wonderful! I have a large collection of tea cups passed down from my grandmother. I am always amazed when I think my mother allowed me to play freely with them as a child. Fortunately I didn't break one. I once had them all displayed, but a few years ago picked a few favorites and packed the others away for safe keeping. (They were not a favorite of the other half of Living Life). I hope you are having a grand week. Bonnie

  12. Not fair! I have been looking for just such a quilt for ages. :-)

  13. Gorgeous finds - I particularly like the quilt. Jx

  14. Fantastic finds - I adore the wooden cotton reels! Off to discover yet more lovely blogs xx

  15. Fabulous finds! They are all lovely, but the quilt is a real bargain.

  16. Congratulations on the award, it is well deserved, you have a great blog :)

    Your finds are lovely, real treasures :)

  17. Hi Mrs Thrifty, Well done on receiving your award & thank you so much for passing it on to us!

    We're running behind on our blog reading, as we're having a really hectic week - love the quilt!

    K&S :)

  18. Thank you all for the lovely comments and thanks Sue (Sue15cat) - that explains a lot. xx


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