Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Zena meets the Princess

Hello my Lovely Readers 

I can only apologize (yet again) for my lack of blogging .... I have been lost somewhere in life's dramas ..... anyway, I am back. How are you all? I have missed you so much. Thank you so much Millefeuilles and Cindy for your messages - I have so appreciated them. Welcome to new readers Carol and Eight by Six - I am sorry that I haven't been here to welcome you.

So, my news! Last week Zena was runner-up in the Hearing Dog of the Year Awards and we went to London to meet Princess Anne. Now, I am not a royalist, but she was delightful - utterly charming and so easy to talk to. The judge of my category was Pam St Clements (aka Pat Wicks from East Enders) who displayed a disappointing lack of warmth and personality. The ceremony was presided over by the delightful John Barrowman who was so pleasant and friendly - he made a point of talking to all the recipients of hearing dogs and gave me an autograph to take back to school for my year 11s! I a guessing you'd like to see.............
John Barrowman with Hearing Dog puppies
photo courtesy of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Here's John again, with Zena!
photo courtesy of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

The Princess Royal with award winners and dignitaries
photo courtesy of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

We stayed in London overnight which was great fun and what made it even better was that our lovely friends Simon, Vicky and Foggy were there too.Simon and Foggy were winners of the Life-changing Hearing Dog Award last year and this year Simon was awarded a Hearing Dogs Ambassador Award. Here they are with the Princess:

Thank you to all at Hearing Dogs for your support and help on our journey.

I will try to catch up with my reading of the wonderful blogs that I follow.

Love Mrs Thrifty


  1. Yay! Mrs. Thrifty is back AND with an exciting update. Congratulations Zena and to you too Mrs. Thrifty for coming back to us.



  2. You 'scrub up good' my friend. Congratulations to you both...nose kisses for Zena and a hug for you. Princess had a reputation in the navy as being nice...glad you found her so too.
    Jane x

  3. congrats to you both. I am a big fan of Princess Ann, she is one of the hardest workers in the royal family in my opinion.


    1. Fantastic pictures and Zena is gorgeous. I might add that John Barrowman is pretty gorgeous too!!

  4. How exciting it had to have been for all of you? and to have met Princess Anne ! Sorry to hear you Judge wasn't warm and maybe not a personable person ... wonder if the dogs picked up on that as well? Nice to see you here once again ! xx

  5. What exciting news! Congratulations!

  6. Absolutely brilliant news and what a wonderfully 'posh' photo of you all with royalty.

    It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all (ya boo to Pam St Clements!!).

    Nice to see Simon with Foggy, I watched something a while ago about his story.

    Well done Zena, stroked by John Barrowman, she'll never want a doggy bath again!!

    Sue xx

  7. Oh, that sounds so special. And its lovely to see you blogging again.

    Sft x

  8. What a great event Mrs Thrifty and congratulations Zena. Great to have you back :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  9. How lovely for Zena and you, Mrs. T! As a newer reader here, can you tell us more about Zena? She is quite beautiful.

  10. Fancy Zena getting to meet all those dignataries. Well Done

    I tagged you in a game of blog-tag here I hope you don't mind.

    Arwedd xx

  11. Well done, Zena!! And I agree that the pic of John Barrowman with puppies is delightful. I don't know which I want to stroke more (?!?!)


    Sft x


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