Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Is it nearly Christmas?

Oh my word..... tired does not even come close! 

What a term. New school. Failing department. Sixteen hour days and I am on my knees, but with a hard-earned "outstanding" judgement. We don't finish school until Friday. No tree up! No decorations! Not a thing bought to eat ............ And I have two birthdays to sort too, on Boxing Day! #2 will be 24 and #4 will be 18! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............. HELP!

On a positive note... I trained a signing choir at school and they performed in our carol service last week. I don't think there was dry eye in the place. 

How are you my friends? I have missed you all. I haven't done any crafting and my poor house has lacked any loving attention. I shall do a bit of blog hopping and see what you are up to.

Mrs Thrifty


  1. Well done you....OUTSTANDING......woohoo, absolutly bloody brilliant.

    Not long til Friday!!

    Christmas does not have to be about buying it all and doing it all, it can be about collapsing in a happy heap with your loving family all around you and knowing that you gave this year your all.

    Do a bit of delegation over the weekend, everyone could do their bit and make it a real family Christmas, and it can all be achievable, and remember to relax ...... you've earnt it.

    Sue xx

  2. Thanks Sue - I agree.. wise words xxx

  3. As I said...everything looks twinkly after a rum nog!!
    Missed you too xxxxx
    Jane x

  4. Well done to you and your school, fantastic achievement. Keep up the good work but more importantly for now, get ready to have a nice, relaxing break.

  5. Congratulations on what I am certain was an "outstanding" performance, hence not a dry eye in the place ! You have been missed, as well as on my mind. No worries the walls are ready to fall down around me at my house too ! you are NOT alone. Miss you .... Ha ! would love to see their reaction, but maybe Zena could get away with it for you???? *smile* xx

  6. It's hard work at the end of a term and with an inspection aswell you must be truely k-nacked. Stop and rest until you come round. Holidays now and I'm sure everything will fall into place as and when it should.
    Love from Mum

  7. Lovely to have you back Mrs Thrifty and many thanks for your comment on my latest post. Don't feel so bad I haven't had time to put ANY Christmas decorations up at all yet....I must start tomorrow I must!
    Congratulations!!!! The signing choir sounds wonderful ....did they film it I'd love to see it.

    Don't over do it as Mum says ......everything will fall in to place.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. Lovely to see your post after so long and no wonder you must be shattered!! well done you can be proud of what you and the school has achieved. It doesn't matter about decorations or shopping good health is more important try to delegate and take it easy or you will make yourself ill. I'm trying to follow my own advise this year lets see if it works haha

  9. Collapse and enjoy the Ofsted judgement

    !!! And well done you!

  10. Welcome back!! Congrats on your term this year. Maybe things will settle down for you now so you can enjoy the holiday.

  11. Goodness - sounds like quite a term! They are very lucky to have you. Have a great break when the bell finally sounds on Friday. Jx


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