Sunday, 11 March 2012

Birthday Give-Aways

Good Evening Lovely Readers

I do apologise for my sparse blog this week - I have been in a dark cave and didn't want to come out. The sun started to shine again when I tendered my resignation on Thursday. I have been deeply unhappy in the school I work in since I started and I thought 'life's too short'. I have already started looking and applying elsewhere, but who knows what the universe has in mind. I am sure, however, as Mother Julian says, that all shall be well. Mr Thrifty and I went to the cinema last night (a rare treat) to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - if you get the chance go; we split our sides laughing. Anyway, the young Indian owner of the hotel had a similar saying : "In India we say that all will be well in the end, and if all is not well, then it isn't the end yet!" Here's a clip:

Another couple of lines that made me laugh:
"If I wanted your opinion I'd have given it to you."
"Young man, at my age I don't even buy green bananas."

Well, I promised you gifts and here they are:

 I am a huge fan of British cinema and here is a Ken Loach film to make you laugh - Mr Thrifty and I certainly did! This is one of the reviews from Amazon:

Another gritty, northern, working class drama from Ken Loach.

Eric is having a mid-life crisis, and well he might have because up until now his life has been pretty much a disaster. Still hung up over the break-up (his fault) of his first marriage, and living with two stepsons from his second, one of whom is having a crisis of his own, there seems little pleasure to be gained from life as it is and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better. It's quite obvious he's down in the dumps, and his mates, at the Post Office where he works, decide to do something about it. Luckily, one of their group is a bit of a guru and is addicted to self-help novels. With the aid of one of these books and a bit of homespun philosphy, he comes up with a plan to help Eric; namely to find him a guide, someone through whose eyes he will be able to see things more clearly. And that's where Cantona comes in. Eric chooses his idol, King Eric. So it is, with a bit of sage advice from the sultry, confident Cantona, that Eric starts to get his life back on track. Until......

This is a very funny film about ordinary people: love, loneliness, family; mates, football and gangstas! And it contains one of the best lines in a movie ever. The finale just before the finale, when King Eric leads his troops to Victory, the guru says............

As if I'd spoil it for you. Suffice to say I laughed out loud and applauded spontaneously, even though I was watching it on a 14" screen in my own front room.

 Here's my second gift to you. This was a birthday gift from the Victoria and Albert museum gift shop. It is a very pretty necklace, but just not me, and it's been lurking in my jewellery box for far too long. This necklace needs to be worn so I am offering it to someone who will let it see the light of day.

Finally, I am sucker for mug covers and here's a pretty one with cables - will fit a smallish mug.

Now the rules ..... I know, I know, why do there have to be rules but c'est la vie!

#1 You have to be a member of my blog... if you aren't yet, you can join now.

#2 Click the advert for me .... please ... it is only about 1p per click but it will add up and pay the postage ..or help. I do click on the ads on the blogs I visit.

#3 Post a link on your blog back to this page so that others can find it too. Tell me that you've done this and I'll enter your name twice.

#4 Finally (sorry) - leave me a comment on this post telling me which gift you'd like to be entered for (no point in winning something you don't want). I think the dvd is only good for Europe.

It's my birthday on Thursday, but I am more likely to have time at the weekend, so the draw will be next Sunday. Bonne chance mes amies!

Love Mrs Thrifty xxx


  1. I'd love to win ANYTHING as I don't win things!! I love your blog, have clicked the ad, and will now do a little post on my blog to tell folks to come see. xx

  2. Well done on handing in your resignation! I hope new,exciting and happier opportunities come your way soon.xx

  3. am trying to link back to you on my blog. Have clicked on the ad too.
    Would love to win the necklace.

  4. Congrats on handing in your notice, indeed life is too short!!

    We share the same birthday if yours in on the 15th!!!

    Both items are great, you pick!!!


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  6. Would love a chance to win the mug cover.
    I've left a little note on my blog to send people over here.
    Hope you have a fab birthday on Thursday.
    Best wishes.

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  8. Morning, i would love either the dvd or the mug cover if i by chance won.
    I saw The best Exotic Marigold Hotel a few weeks ago.( look out for free tickets advertised on MSE) it does make you laugh out loud and shed a few tears.Good luck with the new jib hunting. I will post a link on my blog and do some clicking.( if you are ever over my way(blog) please feel free to click away, im still waiting for my pin to arrive, how long did yours take?

  9. i forgot to say earlier, i posted the link to this one on my blog


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