Monday, 19 March 2012

Gifts for baby

Good Evening Lovely Readers and a HUGE welcome to my new followers - how utterly wonderful it is to see my little blog growing almost daily. You are all so welcome and thank you for joining me.

I recently asked your advice on what I should make for my beautiful new niece. So many wonderful ideas and I have stashed some of them away for longer term projects. Grace at suggested a ribbon blankie and here is my effort...... what do you think?

I made both sides with fleece because I wanted it to be really soft and tactile and I chose ribbons in lots of bright colours.

Now for a little cardi - I know that traditionally it's pink for girls, but I just love blue and dressed my own daughter in it a lot of the time.

 I added little crocheted hearts onto the pockets for a girlie touch.... The yarn is beautifully soft and I am sure it will be lovely to wear.

Finally (for now anyway) .... a little box...

Want a peek?

Little booties ......

also in blue......

so I shall parcel these up and send them off to the little angel xxx


  1. Such adorable booties! A girl (however old) can never have enough cardis!
    Jane x

  2. Gorgeous gifts! blessings on you all- especially the little one!

  3. The little ribbon blankie is lovely as of course are the cardigan and bootees.

    I always say you're never too young to start a shoe collection!

  4. Everything is not only adorable but "perfect". Blue? what girl wouldn't love blue? Not I ... I so love those booties.

  5. So cute - you are so talented!

  6. Gorgeous makes, love the tactile feel of the ribbon blankie, blue looks great on girls and the bootees are just truly sweet! Well done x

  7. Oh my gosh, everything is so darn cute!!! Your work is so nice, lucky baby to receive such a beautiful and thoughtful gift

  8. What adorable booties! Were they in the crochet book? You are so gifted my friend - I have much to learn x


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