Monday, 19 March 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat .....

My motto of the week designed to get me moving and ride life's storms.


The talented Martha Beck writes about expecting her precious son Adam, who was born with Downs Syndrome.


I needed to laugh today and this did the trick.

Listening to?

I adore Pink Martini - they are wonderful and my darling #4 gave me this for Mother's Day - the title track - Sympathique starts with the line "Je ne veux pas travailler....." It is wonderful! 


Very little ...... yes, I feel guilty ... we did take-away twice this week for my birthday and for Mother's Day.

Happy you accomplished this week?

Two application forms and I have an interview this Friday...

Looking forward to next week?

The interview - does that make me weird?

Thankful for today? 

 My wonderful boys who make me so glad that I am a mother.


  1. gorgeous flowers and loving the header - how do you get it to not be very wide? Mine comes up almost half the page...soooo frustrating! x

  2. Thanks Grace - I downloaded Picasa (free) and just followed the instructions for a collage - took a while but this is what came out x


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