Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hearing Dogs

A huge, warm welcome to Kim and Hilde - Thank you so much for joining me. As Kim has experience of Hearing Dogs, I thought I would talk a bit about Zena and her role in my life.

 Here she is in the snow just being a dog and enjoying life. She loves snow. It's a shame we get so little of it here.

And here she is with best friend Gomex.. who says dogs and cats aren't friends?

This is Zena in working mode. Of course, she is always working, but she wears a coat if we are out in public where she will be listening for fire alarms.

This is what Hearing Dogs say about their work:

"We train hearing dogs to alert deaf people to select household sounds and danger signals in the home, work place and in public buildings - providing a life-changing level of independence, confidence and security."

To find out more about this life-changing charity, you can have a look at:

Two of our most special friends, Simon and Foggy recently won the annual award for Life Changing Dog and their story is inspirational - Simon and fiancée Vicky are getting married this summer and their story makes me cry every time I watch it..... If you have a moment, do follow the link and watch this short video.

Call in later and I'll post the freebies I am offering xxx


  1. Dogs are amazing, such a lovely piece x

  2. What a wonderful story.

    I often think that our Rosy, the Jack Russll would have made a brilliant hearing dog, she responds instinctively to so many things, one of the main things is her ability to let us know when the smoke detector is about to go off. She comes and sits by you watching your face, just as you bend down to say 'what's up' the smoke detector starts.

    Imagine how good she could be with more training.

    Sue xx

  3. A truly beautiful post - thank you xxx

  4. What an amazing friend you have there! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. It is all just totally wonderful these animals contribute to so many people's lives enabling them to have a life. Yes, I cried too ...

  6. The video was beautiful and succint. Animals deserve so much more credit than we give them.
    Jane xx


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