Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Dogs - our best friends?

Can you read this and not cry? 
I couldn't!

Hope your week is going well - 2 more days to the Easter break

Mrs Thrifty xxx


  1. I spent the whole night last night holding and rocking our dear 12 year old labrador Max as he was wrapped in a duvet cover - he was in so much pain and had been to the vet and had treatment: finally at about 4am he fell asleep. I stayed awake all night, and it was a blessing to be able to do it.
    Today he is a bouncy, waggy, playing, woofing bundle of naughtiness, while I look like he did yesterday! LOL
    (But I'd do it all again for him, as he gives us so much love in return: just not tonight!) FMx

  2. What a lovely post.Yes, it did touch me and you would have to be heartless not to realise that all the points hold true.

  3. no! and yay to two days left x

  4. When you take on the responsibilty of a dog or cat it should be done with the same commitment as bringing a child into the family. That's my 10 cents worth anyway.
    Jane x

  5. We will get a dog. When I give up work and we travel less.

    We need to make a proper commitment to our little one.

    Sft x

  6. Agree that this is a lovely post! We have a rescue do and I tell her frequently that she is in her forever home - she understands the tone and pets at least.

  7. I cried too at this. My fur baby is a rescue and we tell him every day we love him so much and I couldn't imagine life without him. Recently he ripped his dew claw off at the root and was in so much pain until we could get him sorted, I cried with him

  8. I miss my dog!

    Only another couple of days until the Easter hols - sounds like you could do with the break.

  9. I just came across your blog and I love it. I am very much for animal rights and am active to save these poor furbabies....Looking forward to your future postings. Have a great weekend!...Heidi


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