Friday, 23 March 2012

Listening to your intuition

Last summer I was facing redundancy from a school that was closing due to county council restructuring. As the family breadwinner I felt huge pressure to find another position - and quickly. I had an interview as Head of MFL (Languages) at a school 25 miles away. The school itself is awesome - really! It is a brand new eco-friendly building and it's all acoustically adapted with sound boards which as a hearing aid user makes a huge difference. The students are from a tough catchment and they are delightful. All day, my instincts were screaming at me that this was not the job for me - something felt wrong. During the day I received a phone call from another school, much closer to home, same position, willing to interview me that evening......

How I would love to tell you that I listened to my intuition, but I didn't. I fell victim to panic and thought of the mortgage etc, etc, etc. I did not go with my instincts. I was offered the job and I accepted. Needless to say I have had a miserable couple of terms and I have to add that this has nothing to do with the students. If you have been following me you will know that a couple of weeks back I handed in my resignation.... not quite knowing what lay ahead. The feeling was one of huge relief.

The universe has kindly responded........... with another dilemma - just to keep me on my toes.

The school which originally offered me an interview are interviewing me today, but not as Head of Department. I know many of the students at this school and am very fond of them. The catchment is tough and the school has experienced problems but is improving under new leadership. (Tough schools don't scare me - I have been teaching for a long time!) Next Tuesday I have been short-listed for another interview, as Head of Department at another local school, which is also an outstanding school - more money, fewer social problems. I know that my last Head Teacher, an forthright Northern woman who I came to trust and respect very deeply, would tell me to go for the tougher school because that is where I could make a difference - she loved a challenge. I know that today my task is to listen to my intuition!

So, my lovely readers, have a listen to my current favourite song and send me your positive vibrations to help me make the right decision.............

Enjoy your day xxx


Well not listening to my intuition a year ago has cost me £5,000 per year... but, I went with my instincts and took the job today when I was offered it. It feels right. Thanks you for all your kind words and wishes xx


  1. Personaly I find my instincts are the best to go by. If I could manage moneywise in either job, then I would go for the one which would make me feel most worthwile. Hope that helps.

  2. I so agree and in a similar position, carry on at easy but only half a day contract and bit of supply school, or move to tough school with more regular hours (more money but more stress) ahhhhh decisions! Many positive vibes your way. Love your new look blog xxx

  3. Sending lots of positive vibes your way. Just go with your instinct and your intuition this time, it's what I do everytime.

    Money is not everything. Having a job in this day and age is brilliant and it's nice to be secure but there will be ways and means if you take the lower paid one.

    Go with your intuition.

    Sue xx

  4. Go with your Gut feelings, they are usually right. As Sue say's Money isn't everything.
    Work isn't everything and what's the point of being in a job that is so stressful that you are too wound up to enjoy life outside it.
    Hope all goes well for you today

  5. Good luck with the change in jobs, where ever you end up your students will be blessed to have you. Go with your gut and heart!!

  6. Lots of luck & may your intuition shine through strong to knock you in the right direction of choice !

  7. The good thing is that when we choose to ignore our instincts, they come back to us in a different route ... our chance to listen one more time. Go with what your gut instinct is telling you - go for the challenge - and the opportunity to learn something you didn't know 10 years ago. Making a difference is what you will do anyway - it's who you are - it's what defines you .... crumbs Mrs Thrifty - you would make a difference walking round a tesco store!!! Sometimes we have to learn trust and more money doesn't equal more happiness or fulfilment, in fact it could result in the opposite ... but trust requires a measure of faith. All shall be well and all shall be well .... remember?

  8. Gut instincts are never wrong. They are God talking to you.
    Jane x

  9. I'm new to your blog, but I wanted to wish you well!

    Following your intuition is sometimes a tricky decision, but I have faith that this time around, things will work out for you given your wonderful perspective!

  10. Follow your instincts is the best you can do. I often take the wrong opcion, so I have a nice advice that somebody told me once: When you feel anguished it's because you are doing the wrong thing, but this anguish disappears instantly when you choose the right one. You maybe will feel a bit of fear or anxiety then, but not anguish anymore! I never give advices but this one was very useful to me once. So I share it. Love. Verónica

  11. Thank you all so much - great comments - and I did it xx

  12. Have just found your blog. Thankyou for introducing me to Pink Martini - I love need to hunt down more of them.any reccomendations? Have just followed my intuition (but actually I think its Gods leading) and handed in my notice from a huge primary school,to go and work at a tiny primary school. Less hours, so obviously less pay, but it feels absolutely right.


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