Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Cats don't blog!

Good Morning Lovely Readers

As you can see, my attempts to do some work are being curtailed by a certain family member......

"Oh, did you need this hand to move the mouse?"

"Oh, a string on the camera......."

"Alright, I'll settle down, but I didn't say I'd be happy about it!"

"I'll just keep half an eye on proceedings shall I?"

Back later, when I am allowed to blog in peace.

Mrs Thrifty


  1. Ha!ha! love these snapshots....and isn't he a beauty....what a lovely colour too!

  2. Oh sweet little kitty! I am currently being interrupted by Fred - my dog - who has learnt to throw his own ball for a short distance..and is trying to tempt me to play....Nah Fred..later matey! Hugs, Jill x

  3. What a pretty kitty, she is needing her Mommy it looks like

  4. What a sweet kitty :) Love the photos!!

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  6. Oh so sweet, love your blog Mrs Thrifty, and have become a follower :)

  7. Ah sweet (you know I'm sucker for cats!). Hubby works from home, the cats pile on his lap,the keyboard,the desk..they like to 'help'.
    Jane x

  8. What a gorgeous cat, he's beautiful.

    I'm missing one of mine at the moment, I hope he's just gone walkabout again, but I'm getting worried!!

    Sue xx

  9. They just like to help out!

  10. That's so funny. I'm a bit scared of cats myself, but he looks very beautiful!!

    Arwedd xx

  11. Thank you for all your lovely comments. He is quite a character is Gomez - the boys said (when I arrived home from school carrying him) that he could stay if we called him Gomez - so Gomez he was! He made it perfectly clear to Zena from Day 1 who was in charge and absolutely adores her and snuggles up for a cuddle whenever he can. Some kids at school found him and he was almost dead from starvation - no luck finding his owner and he isn't chipped, so he joined us. When I took him to the vets for neutering I thought he was a kitten because he was so tiny, but was told that he was 18 months - 2 years according to his teeth. He is now a good weight and a delightful if somewhat mischievous cat xxx

  12. Well he was a lucky lucky cat then to find such a caring family! :-)

  13. The cat is so beautiful, of course she is entitled to be so demanding and patronizing :)
    She is a diva!


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