Sunday, 22 April 2012

Free clothes for kids

Good Evening Lovely Readers

Today we have had sunshine and rain and hail. This afternoon it was hailing one minute and the sun was shining again the next. This weather is very strange.

Welcome to my new followers, Amasmi20, Tales from toadstool house, Suzym, Jane and Lance Hattatt, Mrs Bent and FourHappyBunnies - I can't tell you how thrilling it is to know that there are people out there who actually want to read my ramblings - bless you all!

Debbie, over at Nanny's Place -  - has been prolific lately in her output of gorgeous little girls' dresses. They are so cute. I, on the other hand,  have been struggling with a pattern for a simple (mmm) pinafore dress for several weeks now. I made two of them and I unpicked the bodice seams 4 times grrrrrrr!!!! I have no idea what went wrong, but I finally re-cut the bodices and then it worked. Not sure if I would use this pattern again though as it was quite fiddly and I don't usually have problems. This morning I finally completed both dresses. I added pockets to give a bit of detail and now there are 2 little dresses for 2 little girls, complete with matching cardigan/coat.......

Take two little pinafores............

add a crocheted coat....

or maybe a little knitted cardigan with crocheted flowers sewn on...

 = two gorgeous outfits for two gorgeous girls - handmade with love ......

Now, to choose .... which one for Willow May and which for Rose Evangeline? 

The dresses cost me almost nothing at all (except a ridiculous amount of time!) as they were upcycled from other items. The floral cotton was from a skirt I bought about 10 years ago and never wore, but I liked the print, so I stashed it in my fabric store. The bodice lining was a cotton pillowcase that I would never use (wrong colour). The buttons were from my button box and I had thread already. 

The crocheted coat took 3 100g balls of 100% cotton yarn plus some remnants for the flowers. I had the buttons in my store. I did buy the yarn new, but this yarn is good value at £3.99 per 100g ball, so the total cost was just under £12. The lilac cardigan came out at a similar price, with its crocheted flowers from oddments I had. I am hoping the Mummies will let me post a photograph of the little angels wearing their outfits.

What do you enjoy upcycling? I get such a thrill when I make something and it costs me nothing except my time.

Love Mrs Thrifty


  1. Hello:
    Thank you so much for your warm welcome. We are so pleased to have found you in the labyrinth that is the Blogosphere.

    The girls' dresses which you have made are so pretty. We are sure that the lucky wearer will be delighted with your labours. What a talented needlewoman you are!

  2. Hi Mrs Thrifty........brilliant how you have recycled bits of this and that and there you are turned it all into some very pretty dresses......I totally agree with what you want to do as I think we waste so much and also get coaxed into buying what we don't need. I am all for home remedies too and I plan to add a few of these to my blog....wonderful what I learnt from my Mum,Gran and Mum-in-law.
    I do wish I could sew...well I can really but I don't know how to use a machine! :-)

    keep well

  3. The dresses are very sweet, lovely colours too. And the cardigans are beautiful. Great work, you are very talented :)

  4. I so want one of your crocheted sweaters for ME ! LOL ... they are so pretty. Great job on the Pinafores ! Pretty pretty too. xxx

  5. How cute is that, sooo worth the wait. The dresses are perfect and the sweaters are beautiful!!!! I recycle fabric all of the time but in all honesty I spend more than I save!!

  6. Wow....those are gorgeous and will look so pretty on.

    Love the upcycling too.

    Sue xx

  7. I'm trying to teach myself to sew...I have to admit I'm flipping fact I am afraid of it. Those outfits are gorgeous!
    Jane x

  8. I am so in awe of your creative craftiness Mrs Thrifty ... and just a little bit blessed to know how much love and persistence has gone into these beautiful pinafores and cardigans.

  9. I adore upcycling, just my sort of crafting....I might even get round to making a similar dress for my girlie xx

  10. Hi,
    Your life story is so touching and your blog amazing. The clothes you've made are absolutely astonishing, you have a great talent.


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