Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Raw Milk

On our way home from the Hearing Dogs charity coffee morning on Saturday, we saw a sign for raw milk and we took a little detour to Fen Farm and the The Milk Shed near Bungay:

We were very excited. We went raw for a few months a couple of years ago, but didn't sustain it and would like to try again. We bought some raw milk for £2 for 2 litres, which I thought was very reasonable and we just loved the name of the milk.  We could even see the cows sitting nearby, quite happily.

Jonny Crickmore of Fen Farm talks about his milk here:  

and here:   

If you want to find out more about raw milk, this is the place to look:

Unlike supermarket milk, raw milk can help lower cholesterol, boost your immune system, give you more energy for longer and it is good for your digestive system.  It still contains all of the great natural probiotic bacteria that are killed off in the pasteurisation process, meaning that even those who are lactose intolerant can usually drink it!

We also bought a tray of free range eggs (£5) and would have happily bought raw ice-cream, but they had sold out. Shame!

Many years ago Mr Thrifty and I were vegans, but slipped into vegetarianism. I would love to be vegan and maybe raw now, but it feels like a struggle and I know that food is one of my demons. Raw milk sounds great and so much better than pasteurised, but I would like to know what happens to the calves. Maybe I'll stop by next time and ask Jonny. Almond milk is actually very easy to make and delicious too. I just need more time. That's for another blog!

If you want to know more about the treatment of dairy cows, have  a look at this video. I am not trying to influence anyone to "do" anything, just exploring ideas, so please don't watch if this isn't your thing. This is something I am really wrestling with at the moment.

Have a great day

Love Mrs Thrifty



  1. I would love to get my hands on some raw milk to try and make cheese but it's aginst the law to sell it in our area :( Didn't watch the video, figure I know what it will show, so sad

  2. Raw mik is illegal in Ontario.
    Have you ever seen the video "A Cow at My Table"....if I weren't vegan already , it would convince me to become vegan!
    Jane x

  3. Very interesting, Mrs. Thrifty. I love also to promote Local. I can remember growing up & drinking the "real" milk deal at my friend's farm way back when. My hubby being raised on a Dairy Farm was brought up on "raw" milk, they never had pasturized. They would bring it in, separate the cream & go from there.

  4. Thanks for a thought provoking post.

    Sft x

  5. My husband works as a microbiology scientist and he says he wouldnt try it, but I would give anything a go once.I know it is supposed to be delicious though.

  6. Very interesting i've never even heard of raw milk before where have I been!! is that bungay in suffolk we are not too far away we are in dereham norfolk. i could get some when i'm over that way. i found your blogg via patchwork chickens and pressed the link.
    i keep trying to add favourites to my blogg list but i'm obviously doing something wrong but i'll keep trying to add at the mo just isn't playing ball!! could be something to do with my age ' difficult to learn new skills (haha) happy thursday i'm up early pippax

  7. Thank you for your comments Ladies. Yes, Pippa, Bungay in Suffolk although if you do a google search you might even find somewhere in Norfolk and you were up early! Why is raw milk illegal in Ontario? I watched the video on youtube Jane and have a batch of almonds soaking ready to make almond milk xx

  8. Oh thanks for letting me know i'll have to try some it sounds real interestingxxpippa

  9. We were vegan for 8 years & then lapsed when we moved to Cornwall 10 years ago. We continued cooking vegan meals, but struggled to eat out, so cheese & eggs crept into our diet... We decided last year that we had to get back to veganism full time - we just felt it to be so wrong for us to be animal lovers & support such cruelty. Now every day we can be content that we are no longer relying on any other creature to provide us with food!

    We make our own milks with oats & almonds & love them!

    Kay :)


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