Saturday, 7 April 2012

Pay it Forward

Good Morning Lovely Readers and a very warm welcome to Dragonfly and The Smiths - thank you for joining me.....

I blogged about 'paying it forward' while ago. I just love this idea - it gives me hope for the world.

Today Zena and I are off to a nearby town to represent Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.    I cannot begin to tell you how very grateful I am for this charity which placed Zena with me. When my hearing aids are out, she is my ears. When I am wearing them, she is my friend and my constant companion, and a reminder to people that I probably won't hear everything they say. When we are out and about, her burgundy coat lets people know that they have to look at me so that I can lip read or I won't hear them. When we are in school, she is the best behaviour management system I have ever seen - no student ever wants to upset Zena and so they behave - she soothes, she calms, she loves unconditionally, she forgives in an instant, she is utterly loyal....

So today, we are off to a coffee morning to show a presence for a man who has been on the waiting list with Hearing Dogs and is waiting to have a Hearing Dog placed with him. He is raising money for the charity and we are doing our bit by showing a Hearing Dog to people who might not know much about the charity, raising awareness of the incredible work this charity and the dogs do. It costs thousands to train and keep a Hearing Dog and every little helps. We are 'paying it forward'.

Our dogs give us so much and in particular Assistance Dogs.

As we approach Easter, whatever our belief system, I think that we can hold on to a message of hope for the world. Where would we be without hope?
What warms your heart? What gives you hope?
I know that many of you already pay it forward - do share your stories - they are always so inspiring.

Does this make you think?  It did me!

Maybe that is why we thrifters gain more than savings from our labours - we are holding out for a world where money is not a god!  We try to use what we have and save our beautiful planet from more landfill sites. If we can't use something, we pass it to someone who can. The Duchess of Frugonia on the Frugal Forum called me a sideways thinker ....... I love that. Are you a sideways thinker?

Later, time permitting, I will show you my latest thrifted make.....

In the meantime, I wish you love, light, peace, and  a wonderful Saturday.

Love Mrs Thrifty



  1. Loving your blog post today. I have stolen the bombing photo and shared it on facebook. A good thought for Easter.
    This morning I will be taking 2 huge bags of clothes to the charity shop. They will turn this into lots of cash to use in their work. We gift aid our doantions so that the charity can claim the extra from the government when they sell the goods on.

    Have a good Easter.

  2. lovely post, the pebbles are gorgeous! Happy Easter xx

  3. A truly wonderful post.

    Have a lovely Easter.

    Sue xx

  4. Great post!! I know your sweet dog can hear not only what is all around you but also what is in your heart, that's one lucky dog for sure. Happy Easter

  5. This is such a gorgeous post. I found you on Dragonfly Gems, so glad I did. A very happy Easter to you.
    Anne xx

  6. Have fun out with you & Zena showing your "stuff" together. Love it all ! Happy Easter btw ....


    "Just Me" way over here ...

  7. A fabulous post with lots to think about.
    Jane x

  8. Hello Mrs Thifty,

    Enjoyed reading your post, Zena sounds like a perfect companion!

    We are in our local transition group - there are 8 of us trying to make a difference in bringing our community together & it's hard work, but we continue to chip away...

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Kay :)

  9. Thanks for the comment Mrs T.
    Been quiet due to several colds & sinus trouble & also a temperemental Pc, but am slowly getting there.

    Love to Zena & Gomez

  10. What a beautiful post! Have a very happy Easter!

  11. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

    Paying it forward is a wonderful idea, I agree.

    Sft x


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