Tuesday, 3 April 2012

How to start a Monday morning.

Good Morning Lovely Readers and a warm welcome to my new followers...

Do you like Mondays? When I am holiday I just LOVE them. Do you remember this song?

Mr Thrifty woke up feeling below par this morning and so I thought we would start the day with a smoothie:

 Here's what I put in:

organic apple juice

(just what I had in the house)

But I also added to following superfoods for a buzz.......

he sho wu
bee pollen

If this doesn't get us buzzing I am not sure what would!

Remember me showing you this book?

It is simply divine...........

and look what I finished.

The cardi ended up longer than I expected but I think it will make a gorgeous summer coat...

Nicki Trench puts little pompoms around the neck but because I made it in 100% cotton I thought they might be a little hard, so I opted for flowers with a tiny button in the middle. The yarn is Wendy Supreme luxury cotton double knit and costs £3.99 for a 100 gram ball. The first size (shown here) takes 2 balls so costs under £8. I found the buttons in a saver store for £1 for a large pack - I think they are meant for scrap-booking, but I have found them just perfect for little garments. I adore crocheting - can you believe I only learnt in January?

Enjoy your Monday ..... I am positively buzzing after my smoothie so I will be!

Love Mrs Thrifty xxx

Thank you to those of you who noticed my senior moment .... I lose all track of days when I am not at school. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Monday is the one day of the week when we can have a Proper Day Off.
    I LOVE Mondays.

    NEXT week will be a "Triple Monday" for us[day off, Bank Holiday AND away in Norfolk with family!]

    Love your crochet!
    Easter Blessings x

  2. No i can't believe you only learnt in January. That coat is gorgeous and those buttons match perfectly.

    You are so clever.

    I love Mondays too when I'm on school holiday!

    Love the healthy smoothie.

    Sft x

  3. What a sweet sweater, you are really good at this!!! I have thought of taking it up, you have me close to getting started!

  4. Love it all ! From smoothies, to sweaters to buzzin' !!! Happy Tuesday today ... xxx

  5. You only learned to crochet in January?????
    Jane x

  6. Hope that you are having a lovely hol. The little coat is gorgeous. Has it been made for some-one in particular? Luv JX

  7. Hate Mondays...But would probably like them much more if somebody fixed me a smoothie like this too :) The little coat is beautiful. Love the little flowers!

  8. The little cardigan is gorgeous.I still cant follow a pattern as far as crochet is concerned though. I'm sure I wouldnt be able to do what you have done.

  9. I love your labels. I always meant to get some for my cakes but never did.

  10. Thank you for all the lovely comments - if you haven't tried crocheting, you must - it is sooo relaxing and it grows so quickly.
    Jan, it is intended for my new niece.
    I do remember the cakes Rose - yum!


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