Friday, 13 April 2012

War on Clutter

Good Morning Lovely Readers

I am happy because it is Friday (even though I have been on holiday for 2 weeks) and my new book arrives today:

I mentioned Kelle Hampton's blog a while ago - it warms my heart every time I read it and I just can't wait to start this book.  If you haven't seen Kelle's blog (Enjoying the Small Things) yet, it is here: 

The war on clutter continues. That is not my clutter by the way (google image) but it probably could be if I carried on spending!  If you live in the UK, are you following that channel 4 programme on a Thursday Night - "Get your house in order"?  Isn't it tragic that we have become a society hell bent on spending and accumulating. Thankfully there are people out there who are raising awareness that this doesn't bring happiness.  I have worked out how to add a page to my blog and now I have a dedicated section for the clutter clear-out. I believe this to be an addictive behaviour (compulsive shopping/hoarding) in the same way that alcohol, drugs, tobacco and food can become addictions. As a counsellor my question would be, what is this behaviour masking?

Our total for April is 208 things bringing our total since January to 1501 items. 

That is 1501 "things" that we didn't need or had grown out of (clothes). I am still determined to find 10,000 items by the end of the year and if we look at the garage and the attic I bet we can do it! 

I find that shocking. My soul is not a collector. How did this happen? The sad thing is that while we spend our time clearing our clutter (and I feel as if I have been doing this for years), we aren't really living. The Easter holiday has more or less disappeared with chores that needed doing - all useful, but I want some fun too. So, this weekend it is fun time! No more chores. #2 is coming to take me out to lunch for a late birthday treat - I didn't blog about my birthday because it was rather a non-event, but I am looking forward to my mother-son date - his idea and the first time he will have paid the bill!  Then, on Sunday, we are going out for pizza (Mr Tesco vouchers) and to see a film before #3 leaves for uni on Monday. It has been lovely having him at home, but he will be back for his summer break in a few weeks - these students have a hard life! I am hoping he will finish taking down a wall of ivy that he and #4 started before he leaves - it looks lovely but is becoming invasive and causing damp in the garage. 

So, that means everything has to be neat and tidy by the end of today, so I had better get on...

Are you clearing clutter?
How are you getting on?

Enjoy your day

Love Mrs Thrifty xxx


  1. Enjoy the last weekend of your hols.. I believe that the weather is generally supposed to be quite dry and sunny. I'm currently basking in the sunlight and blogging - when I really should be tackling some ironing! Never mind!!! Jx

  2. I saw on another blog-a challenge for 1000 pieces of clutter which I thought was ambitious but 10,000 is truly amazing!

    I actually feel a real contentment when I just have a back pack on. All I need is in my pack and I am no longer a prisoner to 'stuff'.

    I know we could eliminate so much too.

    I think I will join that challenge as it will do me good. Many my ways will rub off on Mr Sft too! lol!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Sounds such fun and you truly deserve it.


    P.S. What would your counsellor hat say to someone who eats due to stress.. any ideas as I've done so well during my hol but when I'm back under the 'control' of my head I know I'll find it hard to console myself with food.

  3. Fantastic job on the clutter, and yes, I agree on the time being consumed doing it. I am slowly getting more clutter removed from our house; next stop the basement. Funny you say your son is buying lunch for you for the first time, as my son did last Summer for the first time & he is 28 yrs old !

  4. Deculttering around here is an ongoing thing. I kicked butt during Carla's Feb challenge but not so much lately. We need to get to the garage, out building and attic. I am not a big spender or collector but after 38 years of marriage a lot of stuff has piled up. Good luck with your decluttering!!

  5. Thank you for your comments Ladies - it is amazing how we collect stuff isn't it! #2 is 23 so not far behind your son North of....

    Sft - in nLP they say that no-one can make you feel how you don't choose to feel - you are on control - not them. This is easier to read than to apply, I agree, but your question for yourself would be along the lines of - 'why am I allowing this man to make me feel this way?' I can empathise because I handed my notice in at my current school due to a bullying head and a stone in weight gain! When you are tempted to over-eat, can you talk to your mind, saying that to over-eat might make you feel better in the short-term, but is hurting you and not him in the longer-term. Take a photo of that new dress you bought and put it on your desk and have plenty of healthy snacks to hand. I will be doing exactly that next week xxx

  6. I cannot cope with clutter, hence I have none...hubby is another story..I refuse to go into our storeroom until it has been decluttered. ....I just can't cope with clutter emotionally. I am a minimalist by heart I guess.
    Jane x

  7. Hello there! It is so good to meet another "Enjoying The Small Things" reader! I think Kelle has the most amazing energy and gives me something akin to a caffeine rush everytime I read her blog.

    I found you via Patchwork Chickens as I too am a fan of hares and rabbits.... ;-)


  8. Happy Birthday and enjoy your Mother-Son time. I find the idea of decluttering 10,000 things overwhelming but wish you great luck at your project.

  9. Hi Miss Thrifty. I'm a hoarder and have also been dianosed with OCD so I also think they are linked. I'm really trying to get rid of stuff. I've just updated my blogroll and have included you. Sorry I haven't been commenting - I'm going to try to keep up with blogs better in future :)


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