Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Duvet to dress

Good Evening Lovely Readers 

.... and a huge welcome to new followers Kayaker Katie and Nearly Martha - I am thrilled that you decided to follow my ramblings. 

I have been carrying on with my up-cycling and turned another duvet cover into a dress. I saw this duvet cover in a charity shop about a month ago and fell in love with the pattern - it's M&S too, so good quality fabric. I just knew it would make a pretty dress and here is the first one:

I had such problems with the last dress, so I thought I'd start with one and see how it went, but this pattern is lovely and I have enough material to make another 2 maybe 3. I can think of several little princesses in my life who would look sweet in this dress...........

I made one a while ago for my niece, Pumpkin, with a slightly different pattern...

I am still waiting to see her in it - it has been so cold in England! I think using duvet covers is such a great idea. You get loads of material  and if you buy them in charity (thrift) shops they are really well priced. I paid £3 for each of these. The fabric is often of a good quality too - check that there is a high percentage of cotton and you won't get bobbly fabric. I look for 100% cotton. The only other cost was a pack of bias binding which cost me £2, but there is some left on the card. The dress did need 9 buttons and I couldn't find 9 matching ones and then I remembered an old duvet cover that was way past its best - sure enough - 9 pretty see-through buttons - perfect!  So, the cost of the dress was probably about £1.75 plus time and love.

What are you up-cycling? Do you think it's worth the trouble?

Love Mrs Thrifty


  1. I haven't got the skill to upcycle, but wish I could. That fabric is indeed beautiful. You're so clever.

    Arwedd xx

  2. Such pretty dresses, they are both lovely. Great work, you are very talented!
    The pattern of the fabric is very nice, and it is a great idea about the duvet cover :)

  3. Wow! I'm so envious, of you having the skill to make the dresses and the little girls who are going to wear them!Are you going to make more to sell?
    :-) x

  4. The dresses are absolutely beautiful and what a good buy! You have done a terrific job!

  5. Oh they are so pretty!!! You are very talented xx

  6. HOW SUPER SWEET!!!! Love the fabric and the pattern, looks like I need to start checking out the goodwill store for some yardage, that is after I use up what I have on hand here at home!!!

  7. Once again, a fabulous job!
    Jane x

  8. Soooo sweet! I absolutely *LOVE* these dresses! I much prefer this style of dress rather than some of the ones you see little girls in which look like mini versions of "teen" dresses! Just lovely! :)

  9. Beautiful dresses ... what great idea to use duvet cover material and so much fabric to work with ... all makes sense!

  10. so pretty, I bought some Ikea (cath kidston style) duvet covers and have used them for so many projects x

  11. They are lovely - you're very talented!

    Kay :)

  12. What lovely dresses, you are a very talented lady.

    They'll be lots of well dressed little girls in your family soon.

    Sue xx

  13. You make such lovely dresses. I hope you sell them and make some good money out of your talent :)Plus it would be such a shame not to share them with the whole world :)

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