Sunday, 1 April 2012

Spring is here.

I know that Spring is here when this magnificent cherry blossom flowers. We have patio doors in the lounge and this is what we see... isn't it just glorious? The other day I was sitting and watching the tree and I saw a little bird doing a kind of dance up the tree - Mr Thrifty, a keen ornithologist in his youth, informed me it was a tree creeper. I had never even heard of this bird... Today the sun is shining and all seems well with my world - it is a lovely feeling.  
I must apologise for my sporadic blogging - I have been sooo tired - but I am here now. Thank you to my new followers for joining my blog - great to have you on board.

We have been busy this weekend, cleaning and sorting. Last week I found evidence of little visitors....

so today we emptied the larder completely and cleaned it out. Sure enough, sitting there, as bold as brass, was a mouse. There was a tiny opening by some pipes where he/she was evidently coming and going. We were trying to catch it when it ran out of the larder and we lost it... no doubt it will appear sooner or later between Gomez's teeth. He is a fabulous mouser. We live backing onto woods so we do get a lot of wildlife in the garden (house).

Mr Thrifty sealed up every available hole with pollyfilla and I then gave the larder a good clean out and relined the shelves with some Laura Ashley wallpaper that I found in a charity shop for 99 pence. Hopefully, we have solved our problem.

Next on the list was all the old paint cans. Mr Thrifty was going to fill them with earth and take them to the dump, but last week the Design and Technology Department at school put out a request for old paint ... wonderful ... I hate using landfill and this way they will be used up.

Next on the list (but not today..)
# garage
# tidy garden
# sort wardrobe
# ironing
# continue de-cluttering
# utility room
# study

I also want to find time to chill...

I treated myself to this fabulous book for my birthday..

I am half way through Stripy Ted and have nearly finished a darling little cardigan - I'll post them when I am done. I have just discovered that Nicki Trench has a blog and a website - well worth a look. I adore her designs.  

How are you spending your Easter? 

Mrs Thrifty xxx

Postscript ..... Gomez did the deed!


  1. If you place steel /wire wool in the gaps before filling this will prevent the little meeces from chewing through....learned through experience!
    Jane x

  2. My old cat was a fabulous mouser. The current one wouldn't get his paws dirty!! Well done Gomez! Jx

  3. We had a little visitor after I accidently left a walnut on the floor.

    We have a humane trap but Mr Sft hasn't put it down yet!

    Haven't heard the mouse since. Do you think he's gone for good?

    Or should we still use the trap?

    Sft x

  4. I have no easter break just the bank holidays with 1 extra day. we used to always have good mouser's when I was a kid as we lived on a farm and it was necersery. Although we are in the country we are far enough away from the stables and the farm that we have not been bothered. (I think the dogs help)

  5. Ugh...mice...I really do not like them in the house! We have a quiet day here interrupted only by occasional noises from my Hubby when he discovers my new pranks :)

  6. My parents had the same problem, their house backs onto farmland. Mice can squeeze through the tiniest holes, unbelievable really x

  7. Thanks for the comment re Morsbags- most impressed that you have joined a 'Pod' [isn't that the collective noun for whales!]

  8. good old Gomez, our dog usually catches ours, he was running round the decking the other day after one. Our Easter will be spent paving and gardening! Julie xxx

  9. Hi Thrifty - nope, no DVD as yet...will let you know the minute it arrives though xx


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