Friday, 18 May 2012

Happy Friday with Secret Sister

Good Morning Lovely Readers and a huge, warm welcome to new follower Hazel,

Today I feel very privileged and more than a little happy..

.... it feels like my birthday (except mine was dreadful, so this is far better)...

My "secret sister" arrived today and I am thrilled to bits. The "sister" didn't enclose a note, so I am not sure who it is (PLEASE, please tell me so that I can thank you), but she has thought so carefully about who I am and got it spot on. The contents are so 'me' and all beautifully chosen and considered.... shall I show you?

This is what was inside.........

Scot's tablet - my absolute favourite....

Wonderful, dreamy bath stuff (cruelty-free too).....
Chocolate (fair trade) ... my joint favourite thing....and drinking chocolate ... roll on Friday night - oh yes, it's going to be a jammies and dvd night with 'treats' 
Tiny little scented clay hearts - aren't they sweet. I am going to put these in a dish in the bathroom......
 Simple face wipes - perfect to go in my bag....
 An utterly fabulous sewing book with the most wonderful ideas and projects...
 like these decorated pillow cases...
 lace edged sheets...
 ... and this wonderful, covered footstool...

 And then this delightful home-made bag holder which fits in perfectly with my red and white house...and how did she know that I had been meaning to make one of these for ages.... 

Whoever she is, I can't thank her enough ... she has made my day/week/month......

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you.........

Did you join Carla's Secret Sister Swap?

We should do more of this, if it brings everyone else as much happiness as it brought me ....

Love Mrs Thrifty


  1. Whoever she is, she has spoilt you rotten! A lovely start to your day! Enjoy your gifts.

  2. It was me! Glad you like it!!

  3. How exciting, I am so happy Carla organized the Secret Sister Swap; I sent mine off 2 weeks ago, however anxiously awaiting for mine to arrive !

  4. Hello Mrs Thrifty,

    What a lovely surprise for you...lots of wonderful goodies.
    Thats a good start to the weekend.

    I popped over to Carl's blog to have a look see but the Secret Sister sign up is now closed.

    Amanda xx

  5. I'm confused I got paired up with justine,I sent your package yesterday lol.xx

  6. What a wonderful surprise!!! I know you will enjoy kicking up your feet tonight with that lovely book some chocolate and all your lovely goodies, what a great secret sister you had!!!

  7. How wonderful is that?
    Unbirthday gifts are the best aren't they?
    Jane x

  8. It works the same way as secret Santa.

  9. I should of been born blonde,my bad haha.oh well I hope you love your gifts :) x

  10. I am sure I will. I was confused when I founs you were you my secret sister confession x

  11. What a lovely surprise, and what thoughtful gifts :) xx

  12. Looks like you're going to have a lovely weekend!

    Kay :)

  13. Enjoy being treated and have a lovely friday eve xxx

  14. What a great gift, I'm so glad Carla organized the SSS, I already can't wait for the next one! I just posted the package I received today, you can see it here:


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