Sunday, 27 May 2012

Not gardening

Good Evening Lovely Readers

Isn't this weather glorious! Everyone seems to be outside enjoying the sunshine, tending to their gardens. Except us that is. My mission this evening is to make you feel better if you are one of the people who haven't yet tackled their gardens yet this year. We recently had weeks and weeks of rain. Far more than usual for this time of year. When we could finally get outside, we discovered that our mower had broken. So, just for you, in glorious technicolour.... is our English jungle....

 Gomez the tour guide
 I did plant a tub..
 .... and into the wilderness...
 ... last year's vegetable plot..

 In places the grass is as high as Zena!

 The brambles are back..

And we are back to the start Folks. 
And here you have the contrast between our front garden and our neighbour's garden!!!

I think we need to try and find a lawn mower repairer this week.

Feeling better?

Have a good one.

Love Mrs Thrifty


  1. Can you rename it a meadow and leave it to naturalize? That will take some mowing when you do get to it. Good luck.

  2. Zena looks likes she's having a fabulous time! We just have pots as I'm not very green fingered but haven't got round to sorting them out yet, only a couple actually have living plants in them :)
    Victoria xx

  3. Oh dear!
    Hopefully this lovely weather will stay with us and you will be able to sort things out. A good excuse to have a well deserved, relaxing weekend though!
    take care xx

  4. You have a beautiful meadow... the way nature intended...what's not to love ?
    Jane x

  5. Wow, that is the sort of garden I would love to get my hands on! It will soon be shipshape once you get your mower fixed!

  6. That'll keep you busy for a while!!! What a lovely space you have! I hope you get round to sorting it soon so we can admire the pictures.


  7. But Zena has a blast there, right? :) I am doing OK with our vegetable garden but the rest of landscaping here really needs to be addressed, and very soon...

  8. Hello there! Our 'lawn' (ha, ha) was looking much the same until a fortnight ago when my husband finally moved it for the first time this spring.

    Your part of the world looks really beautiful.


  9. Maybe you could borrow your neighbour's mower!

    K xx

  10. Yes you have made me feel better lol, mine is such a mess, it seems to get harder every year, I have made a start but there's so much to do and not enough time to do it, lets hope the good weather lasts :)

  11. I love your garden. I think it looks better than the neighbours. Nice to see Gomez and Zena.

  12. What a FAB garden!!!! Everything is so lush and green!!!!!

  13. Just think how lush and fertile everything will be when you get to it....does that help? Bonnie

  14. I love your nature reserve, and I bet so does all the wildlife, so while you're not enjoying it so much at least someone is!!

    Sue xx

  15. We think you should leave the grass & just sew some wild flowers - it would look lovely!

    Don't you think mowing grass is just weird? Your garden shows you have an interesting life & are not wasting your time trying to create a bowling green!

    We spent years next door to people who obsessively mowed their lawns & washed their cars every Sunday... It just seemed very sad to us.

    A wild garden is far more beautiful than a neat & tidy one!

    Kay & Sime :)

  16. Wild flower meadow it is then - thank you so much for all your positive comments. I'm afraid we aren't really manicured lawns and perfect gardens sort of people xx

  17. LOL! We're just as good at not gardening as you are....our pots are a disgrace. :)

  18. The lovely gardens are flourishing along with your grass. We had to break down to buy a new push mower last year, hope our riding mower doesn't go or we will be in big trouble with our lawn matching our hay fields I am afraid.

  19. It is amazing how fast nature will reclaim its spaces back! I always feel like I am losing the battle, esp. with all of the rain we have had lately here in the eastern USA..feels tropical right now!

  20. My garden needs a good old tidy up!! We have managed to cut the grass but oh the some many weeds!!


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