Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lazy Spring Evenings

Good Evening Lovely Readers and the hugest of welcomes to new followers, Lunaisobel, Lexie b, Connie, Connie (yes there are two Connies) and Sue Marie - thank you for joining me. If you have blogs that aren't showing up please do let me know so that I can pop along a have a look. 

I received some wonderful advice and help from my lovely readers on my patch-working. Thank you all so much. I pulled a bit of a coup today .... I recently gave all our old paint to the tech department at school and so today I asked the tech teacher for a favour and he delivered. He made me a 5" acetate square. So with my rotary cutter and board, I can now cut 5" squares quickly. Hurrah!!!

Don't miss the give-aways at the side of my blog. Just click on the picture to take you to the correct give-away. I have just added Carla's and if you haven't seen Carla's beautiful creations you should pop over and have a look - they are divine!

Isn't this weather divine!  This is what we did when I got home after work today ..... 

Isn't it wonderful that the evenings are lighter now!

The vegetation has benefited from all the rain we have had...

One happy dog...

nosing around ...

 All is well..
 time to stroll..
 gently down English country lanes ...
 The only sound, a train passing ...
 ... chase a ball...

 Time to stand ...
 and stare...
 to enjoy the blessings of nature...

I feel blessed.

How are you spending your warm, barmy evenings? 

Love Mrs Thrifty


  1. It's lovely to see the sun at last, isn't it? Your doggy looks very happy. xxx

  2. What a lovely post! Your dog is gorgeous. I love the trade with your tech department - oh happy times xx

  3. Your weather appears to much like what we are having, with the exception of it being a tad on the humid side today. Loved the stroll with you through your photos. xxx

  4. Ahhh the sunshine..why does it seem to be so special in Suffolk? My dog Fred spends half of his life in almost central Oxford, pounding the streets with buses rushing past... bound by his lead.. sniffing tarmac... but when we come to Suffolk he literally smiles all over his face... honestly... he bounds through the fields, runs wild in the lanes.. swims in the pond every day and respectfully sits down when a car approaches.. we both love Suffolk!

  5. What a lovely way to unwind after a day at work, the walks near your home are lovely x

  6. We're loving this wonderful weather - we've had all our meals out in the garden & after work again today we've walked down our lane & picked more nettles. It's very quiet here this week, but there are lots of holiday makers arriving next weekend ready for the long bank holiday...

    Kay :)

  7. dog walks on sunny evenings are the best xx

  8. These are the best of days...makes me so happy to be alive.
    Jane x

  9. Wonderful photo's, we too are enjoying a few evenings on the deck when it's not raining that is!

  10. Lovely pictures - can't beat a quite stroll down a country lane, something we will be doing more of now the lighter evenings are here.

  11. Thrilled to have found your blog via Amanda's blog (crafty in the med!)Gorgeous photos! Love Katie @ Booty-full things xxx

  12. Hubby and I both go off and walk for a while when the sun goes in. Its lovely it gives us time to talk together,to breath and just get rid of the cobwebs. The surroundings certainly are not as nice as in your photos where every thing is so green and there's plenty of nature to enjoy. I live in a city much to my disgust as I am a country girl however as cities go its small and not too agglomerated.
    Amanda :-)

  13. We spend the first part of the evening on our laptops, have a walk along the old railway line with Toby, our dog, come home and enjoy a glass of wine and go "aaah, life is good!"...and it is. The sun is still shining, it makes such a difference.

  14. We were lucky enough to get a wonderful dog called Toby from a rescue centre in Gt Yarmouth a fortnight ago and have been spending my afternoons on Beccles Common playing fetch. Dogs & sunshine = heaven!

  15. Thanks for following my blog. I can't see many male followers here, if any, but it would be a pleasure to be among so many women! I have followed you back.
    Best wishes. John


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