Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Thank you

Good Evening Lovely Readers and welcome to Sweetvintage of mine

This is a very short blog this evening but I wanted to say pop in and say a huge THANK YOU to all the lovely blog-pals who commented on my brush with casualty and left such beautiful and heartfelt messages - each and every one of them spoke to me and lifted my spirits. You are one (or many) of my blessings and I am truly grateful for the time and energy you spend on reading my blog and maybe sometimes commenting. I have been taking things easy and am seeing my GP on Thursday evening.

Tonight, I would just like to leave you with this:


Mrs Thrifty


  1. will be praying for you on Thursday evening x
    hugs and blessings x

  2. I had not read your previous post, so I read it now. I'm so glad you are all right!!
    Take care!
    Blessings and hugs :)

  3. OohOoh...the scene in the top pic is pure Ontario (Muskoka chairs by a lake!!).
    Jane x

  4. Thats lovely Mrs Thrifty!!!

    Hope all goes well at your GPs

    Amanda x

  5. Those words always make me feel emotional as they are sung at our school leavers mass - very beautiful though and said for you too x

  6. wow i just read your last post, im so glad your ok! doesnt it make you so thankful for the medical care there is available for free in the uk!

  7. Hope it goes well for you on Thursday, I'll be thinking of you.

    Sue xx

  8. Lovely words Mrs Thrifty......made me come over all emotional.........sending good vibes and hugs for Thursday.x

  9. I just got caught up with your blog and have to say I am glad you are all right! It is really great though that they checked you out so thoroughly. Women don't have clear heart attack symptoms as men do so these things need checking. Hope your GP can tell you what they found and what it all means if anything.


Thank you for commenting - I do enjoy reading them xx