Monday, 21 May 2012

Crochet Crazy

Good Evening Lovely Readers 

I can report that Little Sister is now back home and all seems well.  Having spent much of the day waiting around, it was good to escape the hospital and get back to normal life.

What I did gain was some time to just sit and crochet. I completed this:

This is such a lovely book, full of super little projects. I used bamboo again which I am in love with. It has the coolness of cotton but is so, so soft.

I saw this book shown on Linda's blog along with this little capelet made up and  fell in love with it straight away. Do go and have a look at Linda's blog - her crochet is divine.

 The capelet looked so lovely that I thought I just had to have a go. I am rather pleased with how it is coming along.... I am using cotton so it will be somewhat thicker,  but I do love it....
Do you like it?

What are making right now?

I have also had a go at starting a patchwork quilt. Debbie over at Nanny's Place  makes it look so easy but it took me about 3 hours to cut up around 15 squares. Now I am sure it shouldn't take that long! All hints and tips welcome.....

Anyway, it's been a tiring few days and I am going to have a bath and an early night.

Hope you are all okay

Love Mrs Thrifty


  1. Glad to hear your sister is on the mend hopefully. The jumper is lovely, I have another blanket on the go, but I want to branch out and try other things to crochet. I would like to find a really easy crochet shawl pattern to try x

  2. Glad to hear your sister is ok!
    What nice crochet projects you are showing. The sweather is very sweet, and the cape is just lovely. Can't wait to see it finished :)

    At the moment I am working on some crochet patches, probably for a scarf. It is great fun, and quick too :)

  3. Hello:
    We cannot crochet for toffee so we are absolutely in awe of your skills with a crochet hook. The top is so very pretty and we are sure that this will make a certain tiny tot very happy indeed.

    We were pleased to red that your sister is now back home. All these health worries are so energy sapping and we do so hope that you will all get back to the peace and calm of the everyday life before too much longer!

  4. Such pretty things. You really have such a talent!

    I left a message on the last blog post for you too.

    Glad your sis is ok.

    Sft x

  5. These things are completely lovely

  6. Glad to hear your sister is getting better. I love that little top it's so pretty. I haven't got that book but I think you may have tempted me to buy it lol. You may have seen the little cape on my blog a couple of weeks back, it's lovely to do. :)

  7. Love the crochet sweaters. I have used bamboo a couple of times in knitting. I loved knitting with it, but was a bit disappointed on how it seemed to grow when washed. I would love to hear your experience. Good to hear your sister is out of the hospital. Hopefully all is well now. Bonnie

  8. Happy for your sister; love everything and everything you have made & posted.

  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments and for the concern for Sister.
    Linda, I have updated my blog to include a link to yours - it was indeed your blog where I found the inspiration.
    Bonnie - I might do an experiment to see how the bamboo washes as I have always given the items away as gifts. I do find it comes up larger, so I go for a smaller size. xxx

  10. Hello.

    How do you crochet so fast and such lovely makes!

    Its good to hear your sister is back home.

    Amanda :-)

  11. Glad your sister's ok.

    You're certainly very clever - your crocheting is lovely!

    Kay :)


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