Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Spring means Rabbits

Good Morning Lovely Readers

Yes, rabbits (or hares) and  I absolutely do not mean the ones that Gomez insists on extracting from the woods and presenting to us. We seem to have a burrow beneath our lawn (meadow) which isn't great for a cat-owning family - at least not for the rabbits. Rather, have you visited this website yet?

I am lusting after one of Stephanie's hares! I would post a picture here but Stephanie's photos are quite rightly copyrighted so you will have to visit her to see. As soon as she opens her Etsy shop, I will be in to buy one of these adorable creations. It isn't often I HAVE to have something but I do so want one of these. I collect moon gazing hares and have one in brass and 3 in stone that have all been gifts. I love their link to our pagan heritage.

If you have some time, take a look at Stephanie's talented daughter's blog here: http://une-averse-de-mots.blogspot.fr/  Although this is in French, you can use the translate button if you need to and I am sure you'll agree that it is a lovely blog. She paints and draws beautifully and I am sure she would appreciate your joining her. 

Tell me, which are your favourite blogs? Do you have crafty blogs that you visit that make you feel excited at someone else's creativity? Do you visit blogs that you want other people to know about? Please do share them!

Have a wonderful day

Love Mrs Thrifty


  1. Hello, just popped across from Claire's blog where you left a comment. My favourites are: Claire's obviously, Attic 24 with the talented Lucy, My Norfolk Life, Potter Jotter, Hen House....ooooohhhhh so many more! not on the tip of my tongue! I'll be reading yours now, of course, and having a good check-out of your diet posts - can you tell I'm interested???

    I love images of hares, especially painted or in textile art. Something so...deep seated about them, as you say they have been around as 'objects' since Pagan times.

    1. Thank you Lynne - I loved your blog too. I think I am in love with hares - we often get them in the field opposite our house xx

  2. I am blushing and deeply touched by your kind words about my blog and hares. I don't know why I have been calling them rabbits until now; they are hares, aren't they? You are a lovely, lovely lady. I wish we could meet up over a coffee or tea and chat about... hares, for example! ;-)


    1. Thank you so much for those kind words - how words can brighten our day! I am sure I would enjoy chatting to you very much and who knows what the future holds - if you are ever in Suffolk.... Mr Thrifty and I drove through the Loire valley last summer on our way to the Dordogne. I was doing a British Council refresher course in French. We passed through Le Mans and Tours. I do adore France and have fond memories of Aix-en-Provence where I spent my student year. xxx

  3. Oh I am a rabbit lover as well. Bonnie

  4. Thank you so much for talking about my blog here ! I am absolutely honoured ! (So sorry I didn't answer last time...) I totaly agree about my mummy's hares, they ARE lovely ! (And so does your cat !)

  5. I meant so IS your cat ! Sorry !

  6. I love Stephs work! It is really amazing. I'm looking forward to her Etsy shop opening. Thanks for the comment on my Blog - love 'meeting' other East Anglians!

  7. I love hares, I used to see lots of them before we moved, running across the fields and then suddenly stopping and laying down low, until they popped up their head again and ran onwards, brilliant to watch.

    Rosy, our Jack Russell loves rabbits, although not for the same reason, she keeps bringing them back from the woods, very dead and has a picnic on the grass, until the other day when a Red Kite was watching her from overhead, as she spotted it and ran to 'chase it away' (silly dog thinks she can reach them) it circled and swooped back and pinched her picnic. The look on her face was priceless!!

    Sue xx


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