Friday, 11 May 2012

That Friday Feeling

Good Evening Lovely Readers and a warm welcome to new followers Langergarden and MichelleP - great to have you on board.

Well, it's Friday and I have that Friday feeling ....
wouldn't you just love to be snuggled in there?

The French orals are done and now I just have to mark them and send off samples for moderation. My lovely Mum is going to help me on Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow I am back at school (on a Saturday) running a revision class for my year 11s before the reading and listening papers on Monday.

Thank you so much for all your good wishes and concern over my little "to do" last weekend, mingling with Great Yarmouth's finest (SFT's label which made me laugh heartily) in the early hours of the morning at the casualty department. So, an update is perhaps in order. I saw my GP on Thursday evening, fully expecting to have the issue resolved. Now you may remember me mentioning that the said hospital had had some bad press ........... well, now I find myself feeling it might just be deserved. My adorable and caring GP seemed somewhat surprised to see me looking so jolly and crocheting happily in the waiting room waiting my turn. Invited to look at her computer screen, I realised why. The casualty department had sent details of my night's stay and they had advised her that I had had a heart attack and had ischemic heart disease......mmmmm....... I do believe that if I had actually had a heart attack I might have noticed and would like to believe that they wouldn't have just discharged me. My GP got straight on to the hospital and asked them to set the record straight and to send the results of the ECG and the blood tests that were taken. So, none the wiser, but very much living to tell the tale - watch this space!

I am hoping for some time to do some crafting and do a fridge/freezer audit (am following SFT's eating from the fridge and making extra cash challenges - blogs to follow -  details of the challenge here:

Have a wonderful weekend

Love Mrs Thrifty  


  1. How very annoying and also a,little frightening I'd say. I've been through something like that before.. good job I asked for a second opinion.
    Glad to hear your GP is going to get it sorted.
    Love the first photo aren't they sweet!

    Have a relaxing weekend now!


    at Crafty in the Med

  2. Oh my goodness.. Blooming NHS! I think you would know too. I love the idea of you crocheting in the waiting room when your GP thought you were seriously ill.. Crochet is the new cure all you know!! Hugs, Jill xx

  3. Oh no... Glad you have a good GP. Hope it all gets sorted soon.

    Have a lovely (trauma free) weekend!

    Kay :)

  4. It's good that you have a good GP. We have had so much experience of the NHS shortcomings over the past year!!

    Hope everything gets sorted.

    Have a nice relaxing weekend this week, you deserve it.

    Sue xx

  5. Holy Cow!!!! Hope your GP gets to the bottom of it all fast, what a crappy hospital to have sent you home if it really was a heart event. Have a great weekend and lovely Mothers Day

  6. Hopefully it will get sorted out but you can have 'silent' heart attacks ie no pain whatsoever, (even though I know you said you had some pain).

    Hopefully it will be a mistake and your news will be good. If not, at least you will know and can get something done. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. Thank goodness your GP is on the case. I hope you have a relaxing, stress free weekend. Take care xx

  8. Hello Mrs.Thrifty:
    We are somewhat alarmed by the mixed messages coming from the NHS.We sincerely do hope that all is well.

  9. Good lord! Look after yourself. I am amazed by the NHS. They told my M-in-Law that she had TB at Christmas. She ely absolutely fine and it was never followed up. At least you seem to have a really great GP. Jx

  10. So, it's hurry up and wait then?
    Jane x

  11. It's lucky you have such a good GP, I have had some bad experiences with our local hospital when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with some serious allergies..........I thank the heavens for our caring GP too.

    Take care, lily x

  12. Glad you're ok. But this is bonkers.

    We seem to share the same sense of humour, fantastic!

    Glad to hear your challenges are going well and hoping for an update soon.

    Sft x

  13. On one hand I love that we have the NHS but I know from personal experience how awful they can be - I hope your gp finds out what's going on xx

  14. Goodness what a week you've had, how scary, but hopefully your GP is on the ball!

    ooh, and I love the doggies :)

  15. Your GP must have had quite a shock! x

  16. what an amazing post :)
    I love it!


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