Thursday, 17 May 2012

Secret Sister

Good Morning Lovely Readers

Well.... the deed is done.

My secret sister swap is in the post....

I can't tell you what is inside...
...... at least until she receives it.

I can tell you that Carla paired me with someone in the UK ... and she is a follower of my blog, although not a regular contributor.......

More later

Love Mrs Thrifty


  1. Same here. I spent lots of time thinking about my parcel, but I forgot to put a note in. I hope she likes it!! I'll soon find out!

  2. Ha ha - how synchronistic Justine or is it just about leaving it until the 11th hour! I can tell you mine isn't headed for you, but I do hope she likes it xx

  3. I got mine in the mail last Saturday but it's headed to Canada, no telling how long it will take to arrive :(

  4. I sent mine off 2 weeks ago for a destination right here in Ontario, however hoping she received it by now as I haven't heard a word !

  5. What a very clever idea! Secret parcels in the post- that'll sure brighten up someones day! :) Hello Mrs Thrifty from your newest follower, Hazel x

  6. Ooh Ooh I want to see what's inside!!
    Jane x


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