Thursday, 19 January 2012

Another day

The crochet project has come to a standstill. Without the book I carried on and a quick measurement against the cafetiere alerted me to the fact that I had overshot the runway - ah well. Will wait until the weekend to retrieve book and continue WITH pattern! Might have to start another project though as I am enjoying it so much. Have to say I am very pleased with first efforts.... now to tackle more complex stitches!

Been reading some inspirational blogs around the subjects of crafting and being frugal - there are some amazing people out there - links on my page if you would like to discover for yourself.

Managed to find 15 items of boys clothing for charity yesterday, so 20 items needed by Friday to meet 500 target. Doctor had signed me off until nest Wednesday, so have time to sort! £212 of monthly food budget of £240 spent so far, so next week will be a mega-frugal week. That said, we have substantial supplies from Approved Foods and much of this will last well into next month. Shared last shop with Sister, who is self-confessed shopaholic and gently introducing her to thrifty ways. Not sure if I can tackle her Chanel budget, but you never know. She thought that pinafore for Pumpkin could match Boden, so I was somewhat delighted with my first review.

Going to have a birthday wish list for things I mustn't purchase and first is this lovely book I saw on my site trawling expedition at 5am this morning (early I know, but the menopause and associated wild fluctuations in temperature are not conducive to good sleep).

Sue, from (a lovely blog) has put a link on her site for a super meal planner. What a great idea thought I. All helps in the frugal war. Meals for next week planned and shopping list (frugal) made!


  1. I too have my eyes on that book, her Blog is inspirational.

    Sue xx

  2. I'm waiting for the book too. Hopefully it'll be available in the UK very soon :)


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