Friday, 13 January 2012


End of the week and I was determined to make my target of 500 items out of my life forever. Yesterday's total of 469 left just 31 items to find, so I carried on with the clothes clear-out and found my 31 items; a couple more things for my sister and the rest for charity. There were a couple of the boys' t-shirts which were stained, so I stripped the buttons off and then cut them into squares for dusting. I know dusters only cost a few pence, but if I watch every penny the savings should mount and the debts decline!

Clutter audit: 500 items. Hurrah! I did it!

Can I match this next week? I wonder....

Started clearing the attic, so more stuff to get rid of there to start next week's tally. I am hoping that Number 3 will emerge from his bed before mid afternoon tomorrow and put some stuff on Ebay for me. We shall see. No crafting today but the clear-out seems a very important part of clearing space for new things to happen (not for new 'material' things to arrive I hasted to add).

We have kept the food shopping to £60 per week since the beginning of the year which feels like a very positive move in the right direction. Had to buy more milk today and also washing-up liquid, but that was it.  I have already written next week's menus so I am hoping we don't have to spend much; most items should be in the larder or freezer. When all three of my sons were at home we were spending around £150 per week. There are many people on the frugal forums I have been visiting who manage far better than £60 per week, so I am hoping that we can bring this down even further and I welcome all ideas and suggestions.

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