Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Happy Birthday Mr Thrifty

Mr Thrifty's birthday today and Pumpkin has just telephoned to wish him a happy birthday. Apparently she wanted to do so at 4am and was persuaded that it was a little early. Birthday breakfast - splashed out on a box of croissants (£1) from Tescos. Last night's attempts at crochet had to be unravelled... will try again today. Found a lovely blog belonging to Lucy who makes simply staggeringly beautiful things ...... I shall keep dreaming. http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/

Sewing going well - completed 2 more pillowcases and 2 towels this morning with thread found on-line for 66p for 1000 yards. Thought it might break in machine, but no problems at all! Really pleased with that.

Thank you very much to beloved sister and mother of Pumpkin and Pie for a lovely birthday tea for Mr Thrifty. Photograph of Pumpkin wearing pinafore dress to follow - the poor darling has been very sick and is as white as a sheet, so she will be photographed by her mother when she is feeling better. Compared crochet notes with sister who already can crochet and was given the thumbs up. This is the 3rd attempt at a cafetiere warmer (unfinished) and I must say I am rather chuffed as it is only day 2 of newly acquired skill.


  1. Wishing Mr Thrifty a very Happy Birthday.

    (A 4am start would not have been good.....even for a Happy Birthday wish, nice that she waited a while!!)

    Hope he enjoyed his lovely thrifty birthday treat.

    Sue xx

  2. Thank you so much Sue - we have been invited to my sister's for a birthday tea and will be taking new dress for Pumpkin - hope to get a photo. Enjoy your day x


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