Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I have joined the Yakezie challenge ... more of that later!

The de-clutter continues....
Started on my clothes yesterday  (see before photos) with the challenge of using only 33 items for a season. I did a quick audit of my wardrobes (yes, that was a plural) and have to admit that I have far too many clothes, including many items I don't wear. I have 4 wardrobes, which include drawers at the bottom, a chest of drawers, 3 under-bed boxes, 4 more storage boxes on top of the wardrobes and this doesn't include all the out-of-season clothing in the attic! I know .... dreadful! Last summer I had clear-out and sent 11 bin bags of clothes to the charity shop, so what I have is what is left. Here is the evidence....

So there you have it ... the evidence of ludicrous over-spending on clothes. The result of several hours of hard work =
42 items for charity
18 items to sell
17 items for sister
56 items put away for now..... decision pending.

Next job? Everything has to fit into here:

 Photos to follow.

The give-away update: 77 items added = total so far this week - 469!
Hurrah and Huzzar Black Adder ... only 31 items to reach my 500 target for the week.

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