Monday, 9 January 2012

Saving money and clearing clutter.

Spent a day auditing contents of fridge/freezer/larder etc. and came up with 3 weekly menu plan. Spent £31 on groceries to supplement and hoping not to shop again this week (we might need milk). This is to feed Mr Thrifty, Number 3 (aged 19) ...until return to university at the end of the month, Number 4 (aged 17) and me. I have to point out that aforementioned offspring - both sons - are 6'6" and 6'7" respectively and slender and  permanently very hungry ... this is not like feeding toddlers. Mr Thrifty, like sons, is tall and slim and that leaves me as only family member who could definitely afford to lose pounds .... okay stones!

The de-cluttering has commenced (again)! My target following an idea from another forum is to get rid of 500 things in one week. Today I managed 129 items: 1 pair of boots, 39 items of clothing, 3 kitchen items and 22 books to the charity shop, 24 magazines to the doctor's surgery waiting room,  32 odd socks and gloves to the textiles recycling, 1 broken cafetiere to the plastics recycling bin and 7 old furniture brochures to the paper recycling = 129 items.

I was delighted with this and everything was recycled in one way or another.

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