Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Busy, busy, busy..

Mad day today. Zena has to be at the dog groomers by 9.30 (a 20 minute drive away) and then I have to go and buy dog food and pick up the crochet book I stupidly left at sister's yesterday. Doctors appointment this afternoon and if health complications have abated, will be back at school tomorrow. Going to try and find 35 things to donate to charity this morning on way through to dog groomer, so I can reach my de-clutter target of 500 items for the week. Brought a box of boy's clothing out of the attic the other day, so I shall start there. Number 3 and Number 4 grew very rapidly leaving clothes behind them and are currently 6'6" and 6'7" - at a not so tiny 5'10" myself. I feel positively short beside them. Must have been a combination of extended breastfeeding and the gene pool. Number 1 (female) is 6' and Number 2 is 6'4½" - the same as Mr Thrifty. I am sure you can imagine that these bodies take some feeding - not like toddlers! Number 3, who is now at university for part of the year, is very slender and permanently hungry. All suggestions gratefully received. Although Mr Thrifty and I are vegetarian. the boys are not and Sister has promised to cook Number 3 a steak in the knowledge that I wouldn't know what to do with one (nor the inclination). He is positively drooling at the thought and apparently mother of lovely friend has offered the same..... he might look starving but I do promise he eats ... and eats... and eats!


  1. Gosh you ARE a tall family, I think it's nice to be dwarfed by your sons. I always thought of myself as tall (I'm 5' 6") but both my boys are now 6 footers so I feel smaller these days.

    In answer to your oatbran question on my 'How Low' blog, yes I think Oatbran is better for you than porridge. I used to have high cholesterol and since I've been eating oatbran porridge virtually every day for the last 15 months it has plummeted to below average, I feel much better for it too, I've just got to work on the blood pressure now which is still to high!

    Sounds like you have a busy day, I'm very impressed with all your decluttering.

    Sue xx

  2. Sister is very very sorry for leaving the crochet book at home :-(((( xxxx

  3. Will try to get some at the weekend Sue - Thanks for the advice. You are forgiven Sister xxx


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