Sunday, 29 January 2012

Almost Free Breakfast

Breakfast with Number 2 and Gorgeous girlfriend was lovely.  We had to pay for drinks, but all the food was free thanks to clubcard vouchers. I use these a lot and they are such a good idea. I have just ordered some for Prezzo along with a subscription to a knitting magazine. Last year I enjoyed Good Housekeeping and Country Living thanks to Mr Tesco. It does mean we can have treats as a family without it costing much, if anything.

A relatively successful day yesterday. A couple of things sold on ebay and on Friday I listed a whole load of my clothes. The Norton Internet Security came free with a computer. The shoes were unworn and as I had had them for around 8 years, I thought it was time to let them go - they sold for £10. The dinosaur cost me £1 in Sainsburys, reduced from £8 and I sold it for £4. All this will go into my 2012 challenge. Every little helps as they say. Fingers crossed for next week's sale.

A huge welcome to my lovely new followers - it is such a delight logging in to find new people who have found my blog interesting enough to join. I am getting visitors from all over the world so please do come and join! Have a wonderful day xxx


  1. Yes, we have treats too from Mr Tesco.

    We use them for weekends at Youth Hostels and sometimes meals too.

    You have reminded me we have a £10 cafe rouge voucher to use up this month. Thanks.

    Great work with the ebaying too.

    Sft x

  2. Thanks Sft - I didn't know you could use them for hostels - there's a thought x


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