Friday, 27 January 2012

Being frugal

Oh how I need both of these. I need a cure for the hot flushes that wake me night after night (please leave tips on ways you have dealt with this if you are at "that age") and I need a good laugh. My lovely sister has bought me an early birthday present of a ticket to see the comedienne, Sarah Millican, in a few months and I can't wait. I think she is so funny. Laughter is such a tonic and as a teacher I use it a lot in the classroom to diffuse difficult situations. I was talking to my year 7s today about putting endings onto adjectives in French - we were doing physical descriptions. I scanned the room and then said that they definitely all had two eyes so when they described their eyes they needed an 's' on the colour. I was quite impressed with one bright spark who wrote that he had one blue eye - 'un oeil bleu' showing that he could use the singular instead of 'les yeux' - now there's initiative and a sense of humour!

Frugal living ..... spent £25.42 in Morrisons this evening - should last the week - apart from milk. I do so wish I didn't have to shop in supermarkets!
Listed 19 items on ebay (phew) and sold 3 that were listed last week. Just waiting to see if a couple more items sell. Made £25.50 which will go into the 2012 pot (the idea being to try and save £2012 this year). Have someone coming over this weekend to look at a latex mattress that we bought (eco-friendly) but found far too hard to sleep on! My 1000 de-clutter items were mostly given away, so it would be nice to start selling too.

Meeting Number 2 tomorrow for breakfast as a treat for him passing his chartered accountancy exams - Cafe Rouge tokens obtained through my Tesco clubcard vouchers, so it shouldn't cost us anything. I am so proud of him - he has worked really hard for this. Number 3s last day at home tomorrow and then he is back to uni with a full food box and clean washing! Will miss him - he makes me laugh and always sees the best in everyone and everything - it's a lovely disposition to have.

Hopefully time for crochet tomorrow - whoop whoop - and I had some lovely comments from "wonder crocheters" Angie and Jill so I am felling pretty pleased! Their blogs are on my page: 'Stocki' and 'Le Monde de Sucrette' if you want to see some totally fabulous crochet!

Sleep well xx


  1. What to do when you get woken up by hot flushes....just do as I do get really crabby, poke your husband in the back and blame him for being too hot and getting you all hot, fling off all the covers until you both freeze and then fall fast asleep again!!

    In the morning when he complains smile sweetly and say that he's having those bad dreams again :-)

    Sue xx

  2. Ooh sorry no idea about the hot flushes - yet!! Enjoy Sarah - I saw her last year and she was brilliant a lot more rude and sweary than on telly but my tummy ached and the tears rolled with laughter xx

  3. Ahem...HRT! Works wonders for me

    Leader of the Black Dog Gang

  4. Hot flushes,try Menopace about £4.00 for a months supply.I had the same problem and didn't want to go down the HRT route.Menopace are natural and are a multi vitamin tablet in one!2 weeks of taking and the flushes dissappeared!

  5. Thank you all - ready to try anything, but particularly liked Sue's 'poke husband in back!' - will start with menopace and move up from there x

  6. I totally would love to crochet hats and scarves with flowers on the scarves. It's so fashionable and feminine, even the funky guys are wearing crochet'd hats.
    I want to also crochet a light blue blanket to put in my white bedroom, which will be really beautiful.
    My gran can't crochet anymore as her eyes are not great, she even has to have a special phone for seniors, Tracfone SVC (costing $15, $7 for service/month)as her fingers are too stiff from arthritis. I probably will have to get a book out the library. Crochet seems to be fashionable and it is a great present maker and time filler.

  7. Good luck Martine - there are some great videos on youtube which make it really clear and simple to follow x


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