Thursday, 26 January 2012

De-clutter/Low spend challenge

I am joining Carla's  Low (No) Spend Challenge and a De-Clutter Challenge for February. I am keen to carry on de-cluttering and if you have been following me you will know I have managed 1000 items in 2 weeks. I HAVE to start cutting back spending, especially now that my school are talking about redundancies. Will you join too? I am going to have a think about how we can make savings and where we should divert the money.... overdraft/mortgage/emergency fund? This is how it works:

1. Choose a financial goal for the month.
2. Decide on how to achieve this plan.
3. Decide how to allot spending for the month.
4. Track all purchases - every penny.

Find out more on Carla's site (link above).

Crochet update ......

here are the little pots I posted yesterday - hopefully the colours are clearer now. I am so pleased with them.

I then tackled a wash cloth ... but ... it is wonky.  I need advice please.

The cotton was very cheap - £1.49 for 100 grams from B G Payne Crafts - I looked today and it is now selling at £1.39. They also have some very good deals on lovely coloured cottons by Lyric (from 50p)... they aren't sponsoring me by the way - I just like passing on bargains when I find them.

 And talking of bargains, my sister told me that Lidl were selling wool this week. These packs were £3.99 each (each ball is 50 grams) and are all 100% cotton. The cushion is being made using this cotton and it is really super to work with - so soft.

My cushion cover, like my wash cloth, is wonky at the edges .... what am I doing wrong dear reader? Please, please do leave your comments and tell me......


  1. Good luck with the challenge :)

  2. You are possibly doing an extra chain (or two) at the end of some of the rows which makes for a larger 'turn' and would make your edges wonky.

    I'm no expert but I do find when crocheting if I'm not concentrating I do one too many at the end of the row and your squares are just like mine look then.

    Hope that help. You're doing BRILLIANTLY well with your decluttering, by joining in with this Challenge you may even get it all finished by the end of February!

    Good luck.

    Sue x

  3. Thanks Sue - I'll make sure I concentrate! And thank you both with the good wishes for the challenge - gotta be done x

  4. Well well well I think you are great as a beginner! and I really mean it!

  5. Aww thanks Angie - I absolutely love it - c'est vraiment fantastique et je l'adore! x

  6. I agree with Sue15cat re your edges. Those extra little chains make my crochet dishclothes wonky that's why I prefer to knit them and stick to Granny Squares in the crocheting department. I'm really impressed with your de-clutter challenge. I must have another go but I find it really hard to throw anything away.
    Love from Mum


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