Monday, 2 January 2012

New Beginnings indeed!

Managed to fall out with husband on New Year's Day. I could divulge the contents of said fall-out, but as his ascent up Mount Ego has been somewhat delayed by my comment, I had best hold that one to myself for now. Suffice it to say that the resolution about thinking before speaking was not acted upon. I am guessing also, that his inability to accept an apology did not figure on his resolution list. Ah well, as I previously mentioned, this is the journalling of a flawed human being.

New Year's Day was spent at Mother's in North Norfolk with husband, three sons and delightful girlfriend of No 1 son, sister, niece and nephew. It was a lovely day, Grumpy Old Hector aside, and all other resolutions duly upheld. No. 2 son, collected in Norwich on the way through, was very much worse for wear after his New Year's Eve revelling and spent much of the time ensconced in the cloakroom getting rid of his student loan down the toilet. The meal was wonderful and apart from the very long drive home in stony silence, it was a good day. (Our teenage sons spend journeys in headphone land attached to MP3 players). I discarded the jazz cd husband had placed in cd player in favour of Pink Martini, which went some way to making the journey more bearable. Apart from that, I focussed on the minute by minute changing of the car heating system to accommodate my raging menopausal fluctuations in temperature and availed myself of the fan donated by mother. I guess I should be thankful that Mother Nature has not seen fit to endow me with a beard as well, as suggested by the phenomenal Dylan Moran.

 Breakfast? Porridge with yoghurt and fruit seems suitably healthy.

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