Sunday, 29 January 2012

Water, water everywhere...

Well today was going fine until .... how often have you said that to yourself? We need water. We are mostly made of water. I love water. However, today I could have done without quite so much water.

The hose which leads out of the dishwasher came loose and flooded the kitchen  floor. I disconnected the pipe and pulled the dishwasher out to allow the floor to dry. I then, and the cleverness of this still astounds me, chucked the bowl of dirty water down the sink and, having removed the pipes beneath the sink, it flooded out for a second time, undoing the work I had just put in for the last hour! I screamed. Loudly! Mr Thrifty then very kindly took over and mopped up a second time. Having done this Mr Thrifty treated himself to a lovely bath. I went to shower after he had finished and turned the shower on to warm up while I brushed my teeth. Naturally, I didn't think to check the shower curtain because it is ALWAYS in the bath ( the shower is over the bath)... only it wasn't, and when I turned round I had managed to flood the bathroom floor as well. Oh dear. oh dear.... I am off to crochet!

On a positive note, I have joined Saving For Travel's Sealed Pot Challenge - see the bar at the side of my blog. Challenge 1 - pay off overdraft! If you fancy joining in pop over and see Sft at


  1. Oh, you poor thing about the flood!

    Mr Sft is not very good at leaving the shower curtain in the same way he found it as well.

    Glad you've joined the challenge.

    Sft x

  2. Hi Mrs :) oh i shouldn't laugh but thats the kinda silly thing i do all the time lol thank you for starting my day with a chuckle. I do hope your day improves, just sit with ya wool and chill now :) thanks for popping by my place its lovely to meet you x xx

  3. i have to admit laughing at that! sorry! these things happen though, i hope your crocheting went nicely :)

  4. Thank you all - and I have to tell you Mr Thrifty and I did see the funny side of it and had a good laugh too. Raining here today - but DRY inside x


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