Saturday, 28 January 2012

Raw Food Retreat

I have a dream of being a raw foodist, but my addiction to cooked food gets in the way.  Mr Thrifty and I tried 3 months raw a couple of years back and I really enjoyed it, but found it hard cooking for the family alongside preparing raw food. We also dived in at the deep end and then found it hard to sustain. When we are ready to try again, it will be slowly and thoughtfully. The best I have ever felt in my life was when I did a 12 day fast - I felt fantastic, but for some reason I have never got around to repeating the experience. I make excuses about the stress at work, blah, blah, blah.... you know how it is. I know in my heart that if I could embrace this lifestyle, I would sort my weight issues once and for all.  There is also a lot of research on eating less and living longer - hey, yet another way to be frugal!

My lovely friend, Jenny Yemaya, is a real inspiration in the raw food world and a real fount of knowledge on the subject. She is running this wonderful weekend with the amazing Kate Magic (her books are fabulous).   She also runs swimming with dolphin holidays in Bimini. Have a look at the links if you are interested. I would be off like a shot if redundancy wasn't looming! I pinched the following from Jenny's facebook page where you can probably go and see the original!

This weekend only last minute discount £50 off our retreat next weekend with Kate Magic demoing cacao delights, Lisa Simpson creating raw delights, LoveNature Frank teaching Yoga, Gillian Steer giving the best massage ever, last few bargain tickets available £247 each, come and join the Idetoxholidays magic :-)
Kate Magic & iDetoxHolidays 3rd~5th Feb 2012 – Nr Eastbourne, Sussex, UK Imagine Indulging In A Fabulous, Fun-Filled, Weekend With Great Friends

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