Saturday, 21 January 2012


This is the name I found on a website about getting rid of clutter and oh, how true. I found my 20 items - for those of you new to my blog, I have set myself a challenge of getting rid of 5,000 items by Easter. I started 2 weeks ago with 500 and that set me thinking, that if it was that easy (well relatively) to dispose of 500 items, why not 5,000?

Clutter audit: 500 items - Total 1000!

Today is a very grey, rainy day here in Suffolk and a walk on the beach was out of the question in spite of Zena's requests! As you can see, water doesn't bother her.
Do you have these at home?

Instead... more tidying and shopping completed and I am now sitting down with a cup of tea and pondering a new crochet project. We spent £30.28 today, leaving us with 78 pence for the rest of the week. If we manage we will be on target to stay with our £60 per week total. Number 3 goes back to uni next weekend, so then things could be even cheaper, although I have done him a food box to take back.

 Number 4, in spite of his impressive height of 6' 7" doesn't seem to eat much. Mind you, given that when he is not at school he is laying on his bed playing x-box games, one would assume that a huge number of calories is not necessary. I, on the other hand, have only to think of a calorie and it is stuck to my hips! So, you ask, the healthy eating resolution? Well, does that include mince pies? They are leftovers after all.... so I am being frugal am I not? Then I saw this and thought "Now there's the answer!"


  1. 5,000 items - seems amazing to me - I am a declutter fan and do so regularly but at Christmas threw nearly all my clothes out, now I have one outfit for each day of the week - I have done this before and it soon accumulates again! Having a 'clean start' is great and I don't have any big decisions to make in the mornings now!

  2. That sounds incredible Betty. If you look at one of my other posts, you'll see that I had 4 wardrobes plus under-bed boxes and out-of-season clothes stored in the attic. I am aiming for one wardrobe, following the 33 items idea, but am struggling with this. At the moment, there is one for school and one for everything else.. still too much! Tell me how you manage with just 7 outfits - it sounds like heaven. Anyway, am 20% closer to my 5,000.... be interesting to see if I can do it.

  3. Betty and mrs thrifty - i am on such a different page to you both lol! im loving having lots of stuff! ive travelled all my life (everything HAD to fit into one suitcase and one hand luggage bag!) and in the last year have got married and have a stable home, my craft room is filling up with material from old clothes, paper and cards for crafting new cards and lots of other things and im loving the feeling of having so many choices in the mornings! funny how different situations/lives create different satisfactions, i can totally see how de-cluttering would be therapeutic though, good luck with your challenge!

  4. I just love your new machine Astra and it reminds me of my first projects as a teenager sewn on my Grandmother's manual singer.


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