Saturday, 14 January 2012


Food budget on target.
Petrol lower than target.
Still spending unnecessarily.... eg. coffees out and it all adds up.

Saw this and thought "how true".

Sorted a large pile of the boys' old t-shirts ready to make a baby gown I found on another forum..  -  it looks really different and definitely what the Duchess would call "sideways thinking". I just love that expression. I have always been somewhat eccentric, but I love the idea of thinking in a different way. Thank you Duchess - you made my day.

The clear-out is continuing ..

Week 2 begins:
No 2 and girlfriend's box: + 27 items
clothing to charity: 134 items
old videos to charity: 21
bric-a-brac to charity: 17 items
Sign Language videos to Deaf Centre: 12
Pairs of shoes/football boots to charity: 11
magazines to doctor's surgery: 18
books to charity: 8
spare coat hangers: 48
dvds to sell: 120 (I know!!!!!)
Ebay selling: bags - 4
keyboard - 1
keyboard stand - 1
clothes: 43 items

Total for week so far: 465 items (35 to go)... not bad for one day. This just indicates how much clutter I have; how many things we own that will probably not get used again. I have set myself a new challenge .. 5000 items by Easter. Given the state of our garage/sheds/attic and overflowing cupboards, I don't think this is an impossible goal, but we shall see.

Money spent today - NIL - hurrah!


  1. Love the logo about buying things you don't need with money you don't have for people you don't like!!! How true!!!

  2. mmmn? I don't mind if people ask, but it's not really appropriate to pinch images from my blog - but wholeheartedly support your frugal journey and will be rooting for you all the way xxx Froogs

  3. So sorry Frugal Queen - just thought it was brilliant - I'll ask next time x

  4. Hi Just foudn your blog. I've been unemployed now for nearly a year, and lviing frugally has bcoem so important to me - not that I was excess in spending before, but now I am more mindful. Lookign forward to your journey. By the way, I love the dress you made on the previous posts, its gorgeous.

  5. Thank you Shaheen for your kind comments x


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