Friday, 20 January 2012

Still off-sick from work (return next Wednesday) so today is the day that we have to turn Aladdin's Cave aka a de-clutterer's heaven into a show home. We have our house on the market and following a Christmas lull we are hoping for some viewings this weekend. The estate agent has recommended reducing the price by £10,000 and is putting the house in the local press today. We are currently surrounded by boxes from Approved Foods, sewing and knitting projects, stuff ready to sell, and the general clutter of everyday living.  I have been clearing out with a vengeance, but you know how it is..... I got carried away and there are now several mountains of stuff to sort!  Mr Thrifty and I have decided that we have to clear this today in anticipation of some viewings over the weekend. If we sell, we can downsize and reduce our considerable mortgage, as well as making space for new projects (more of that later). I would much rather be crafting, but needs must. I have done my menus for the week, made a minimal shopping list and audited the fridge, freezer and cupboards - all positive! Action ...... I do wish motivation came in a bottle.

Enjoy your day x


Oh dear, oh dear..... spent all day cleaning and only did the kitchen - but I did empty all the cupboards including the larder and then reorganised them all. Seemed to take forever and have just sat down with Mr Thrifty and a cup of cocoa.

Update on the clutter clear-out... I have to find 20 things to take to the charity shop tomorrow or sell or I don't reach my 500 item target. My daughter used to say that she had to be very careful when I wandered around the house muttering "use it or lose it" because she knew that it was clear-out season.

Number 2 called to say that he had just passed 3 of his chartered accountancy exams and was chuffed to bits as he had found them hard. He only has a couple more left before he is completely qualified and he and lovely girlfriend are now house hunting. Perhaps I should just find 20 more things for their collection......


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