Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The clear-out continues....

So far today:
Books 83 for charity shops
1 pair fit flops unworn to sell on ebay
43 dvds accepted by a resale outlet on the internet
10 dvds for charity
Kitchen stuff for Number 2 and girlfriend ready for their new home - 25 items
Books for nephew  - 18
Bric-a-brac for charity - 5 items
1 latex mattress to sell on ebay
Books for relatives 12
Counselling/Psychology books to sell on ebay - 30
Re-usable jute bags for holding books - 4
Out-of-date medication for pharmacy - 21 boxes
bed linen/towels for charity - 10 items
TOTAL items: 263
Plus items from yesterday (129) = running total 392 items!

I thought it was going to be really hard to get rid of 500 items in one week, but after I have tackled my clothes this afternoon and Mr Thrifty has brought down another box of dvds that he put up in the attic, I think I am going to be reaching my target. I am aiming for a wardrobe of 33 items - I wonder where the somewhat random idea for the number 33 came from? Must remember to look again at Penny's site http://thesavedquarter.com and see if I can find out! More later........

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