Monday, 13 February 2012

Crochet crazy and frugal crafting

Good Morning Lovely Readers

Whilst I have been busy sorting frugal menus and cooking, I haven't neglected my crafting. I have finished my first scarf (took me 5 days) and I am thrilled with it - really thrilled - I am going to have to go for a walk in the snow today just so that I can wear it. It is crocheted using the 100% wool I told you about that was on offer in Lidl a while ago. It cost me £1 per ball and the scarf took 5 x 50gram balls, so the total cost was £5. The pattern is from Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench (same as the cushion and the cafetiere warmer). There are so many lovely patterns in her book. Please do tell me what you think..... I only learnt to crochet about a month ago and this scarf has double treble stitch (UK) in it, so now I have mastered that. The pattern calls for 7 x 50gram balls, but it was plenty long enough after 5, so I stopped. So, here is my very own ta da moment......

Cuddling with awesome cushion

Ready to go

In detail

So come on all you awesome crocheters, tell me how I'm doing

And now for a very different craft.

Take one T-Shirt costing £1.29 from Approved Foods (I swear they don't give me commission).

Cat to watch proceedings not essential.

Go to This Mama Makes blog and find pattern for turning T-Shirt into new-born gown.

Tutorial here:

And then start sewing...... 

This Mama Makes Stuff gives you the 
pattern as a pdf file which can be 
printed off easily.

This is my first go, and I am not over happy with the neckline, but This Mama Makes Stuff
says this is the most difficult bit .. so I'll keep practising it.

Don't you just love the fact that the song lyrics are on the back?

I still need to thread elastic through the bottom to finish the gown. This  garment is so quick and easy to make and so cheap too. I have already stashed all the boys old T-Shirts away ready to be adapted. 

The only alteration I made was to sew all the seams wrong side first and then the right side, so that there are no open seams on the inside of the garment to rub against baby's skin. The other lovely thing about T-Shirts is that they are usually 100% cotton. I only ever use Fairy Non-Bio to wash our clothes and so even used ones won't have been subjected to harsh chemicals. If you are using old T-Shirts and have washed in biological detergents, I would put the garments though the machine without detergent and then run the rinse cycle 2 or 3 times to get rid of detergent residues.

Have a lovely day - I will - it's half-term xxx


  1. Love the new scarf, so fancy and lacy!!! I will have to give the nightgown pattern a try, so cute!!!

  2. The scarfe is lovely.

    You are doing really well if you only learn't to crochet a month ago! I'm impressed:)

  3. Absolutely love the scarf, and of course the colour choice. I am sure you will be very styling on your walk in the snow with it draped around your neck. I love crochet, but unfortunately my neck doesn't anymore.

  4. What a beautiful job on the scarf! And the t-shirt makeover is fun too.

  5. Your scarf is beautiful, no wonder you can't wait to wear it.

    You are so clever.

    Sft x

  6. Aww thank you all so much - lovely to get feedback. I wouldn't have discovered crochet if it hadn't been for all these wonderful blogs and now I can't stop. I love the sideways thinking (Duchess of Frugaldom) that inspires people to upcycle things like T-Shirts - how clever xxx

  7. I really like your scarf - its really pretty. I'm completely in awe of anyone who can crochet!! Best Wishes, Jx

  8. The scarf is beautiful! I love knitting and crocheting. I wish I would have more time to do it. But you did a great job!

  9. Thank you all - the scarf is gloriously warm x

  10. Your scarf is very posh!

    I'm going to be learning to crochet soon and I only hope I can do as well as you in such a short amount of time, although I seriously doubt it!!

  11. I seem to be anonymous, I don't understand it!

    Anne x

  12. Ha ha Anne - I watched youtube which is fabulous because you can watch it being done - if I can do it, anyone can! xx


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