Saturday, 4 February 2012

Frugal meals

I have just planned this week's frugal menus and I only need the following items to last the week:

1 tray eggs
4 pints milk
Value tortillas 

I will let you know the total cost later, after Mr Thrifty and I have been shopping. We are waiting (with fingers crossed) for the boiler man to fix the boiler before we venture out into the snow. It has eased off somewhat, but I have my thermals on!

Most of the stuff is already in the store cupboard or freezer. Quorn was on offer a while ago in Tesco so I stocked up then - 3 packs for £5. The pizza mix and the scone mix both came from Approved Foods - huge bags for £1 each instead of £10. We always keep plenty of oats in, but have to buy granola for Number 4 who doesn't like porridge. Butternut Squash soup was on offer (£1) in Morrisons last week and I bought 5 packs of cheese in their end of day bargains at 29p a block, which we grated and froze. The soya cream is also on offer at Approved Foods (they should be paying me commission for advertising!) at around 10p a carton and the falafel mix came from them too, as did the spelt and cous cous- all at silly prices. We have saved huge amounts by buying from them and then just supplementing from the local supermarkets. Last week tuna was 20p a tin and Number 3 took plenty back to uni with him which he will eat with pasta. We have veggie sausages in the freezer, but I will buy some meat ones for Number 4. I plan to make scones and soup later and the chilli is already in the slow cooker. The soup should last several meals.

Menu planner week beginning: 4.2.2012
Porridge or granola
Butternut squash soup
Vegetarian chilli + rice
Guacamole, cheese + tortilla chips
Scrambled eggs
Wholemeal toast
Butternut squash roasts
Roast potatoes, broccoli + carrots, stuffing
Apple crumble + soya cream
Vegetable soup
Homemade bread
Porridge or granola
Vegetable soup +
Cheese scones
Quorn bolognaise
Porridge or granola
Cheese rolls
Veggie sausages, mash + peas
Caramelised onion chutney
Boiled eggs + toast
Spelt salad
Falafel + cous cous 
Yogurt dressing
Porridge or granola
Vegetable soup + bread
Mushroom risotto
Green salad
Porridge or granola
Hummus + oat cakes
Homemade cheese + tomato pizza


  1. Wow that is a detailed menu plan!! I usally just plan suppers, we eat leftovers for lunch and have things for breakfast in the house. It's fun to see Canadian meal plans I don't even know what many of the things are in the meals!!

  2. Hi Debbie, Canadian? I am in Suffolk, England. Where are you? x

  3. That looks a great menu Mrs Thrifty. I am just sitting down and working out mine for the week - it will probably be quite similar to yours!

  4. yum, there are some ideas here that I have never cooked - rissoto? my son is cooking this at school this week so maybe I should make some too.

  5. Simple, easy meals. And risotto is easy and filling Betty - give it a go x

  6. Oh, lots of lovely veggie food.

    I do eat fish but not much.

    I love the layout of your menu and will be bugging you for recipes soon. If that is ok?

    Thanks for sharing

    Sft x

  7. Hi mrs thrifty, just found your blog via frugal freesia.I like the sound of your menu.I have been making soup today but believeit or not have never tried butternut squash soup, we usually have butternut squash roasted.Think I will have to try that one.X

  8. Of course Sft - no problem - ask away.I al so eat fish occasionally but Mr T never does. Welcome Anne - butternut squash soup is really yummy. x


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