Friday, 24 February 2012

Finishing what you start

Good Morning and a huge welcome to my new followers Fariha and Feather Duster - welcome on board!

Several of the blogs I visit are having give-aways, so I thought I would do the same. I will tell you what it is at the weekend ..... can you stand the anticipation? Rule number 1 to join in is that you have to be a follower of my blog. So if you are a reader but you haven't joined me, you still have time to click that button. I always join the blogs of people who follow me and try to read their blogs (if they have one of course). I also list them on my page so that others can see them and visit.

On to business. I am doing well with my PhDs (Projects half-done). Here is the other baby cardigan I mentioned:

 I have knitted it in baby bamboo which I have blogged about before. This yarn is so soft and would be lovely for any baby. It has been added to my growing pile of stuff to be gifted ...... I'll give you a peak later!

I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to going back to my knitting having discovered crochet, but once I got going I remembered how wonderfully therapeutic knitting is - that gentle clicking of the needles. I loved it and found myself not wanting to rush. When my children were tiny I inherited a whole load of beautifully knitted fairisle jumpers which they wore and wore. I handed these on to friends when my children had outgrown them but now I wish I hadn't. They had been beautifully knitted in 4 ply wool by Mr Thrifty's Auntie Phyl. Lovely memories.

And here's the little baby hat. How sweet is that? This is made in soya which my local yarn shop tells me that can't get any more. I love it. It is even softer than bamboo; so perfect for baby's sensitive skin.

Hope to be back later...

Enjoy your day wherever you are xxx

PS  I think I have finally got rid of the wretched word verification thing - please do tell me if it is still there ... if you want to lose yours, here is Frugal Girl's tutorial on how to do it:

Blog Clearout

In the spirit of clearing clutter, I have removed most of the blogs from my page who are not also followers of my blog. I am not being petty, but as my own followers build up, I think it's only fair that I use the precious space to advertise their blogs. If I have deleted you in error, PLEASE do tell me and I'll put you straight back.... I did go through carefully, but mistakes do happen. Mrs T xx


  1. Hi, that baby hat is sooo cute! Julie xxx

  2. ooh cute :) and good luck with the give away cant wait to click back to see what exciting times. now im just about to hit publish so i dont know if that dreaded robot thingy is still there or not lol and i must get rid of it on mine too.thanks for the info

  3. oooh no its not there :) well done x x

  4. such a cute hat, I sometimes embroider little flowers using a contrasting wool to add a bit more interest quickly! That wool is gorgeous though x

  5. OOh I LOVE giveaways!!!! (Doing them as well as having a "go"!!
    I even get excited opening eBay parcels LOL.

    So....add me!!

  6. Oh how sweet, love both the hat and sweater. I have never knitted but seeing more and more work like yours makes me want to take it up. I too need to get some blog candy up, now just to find the time!!

  7. They are both beautiful. You are very talented.

  8. Adorable, and there is that wonderful blue which makes us such wonderful people ! LOL

  9. Beautiful knitting! I'm currently learning to knit, and am pretty hopeless at it. I started off with 12 rows and now have 22 rows! :)

  10. Thank you Ladies - you are all too kind. Knitting (and crochet of course) is good for the soul in a meditative kind of way. I wish there was a knit and natter group near me.
    Kind words Aunt Jane's attic - thank you. x
    Thank goodness for that Crystalrainbow - thanks for telling me - I hate those wretched things and thanks to Frugal Girl for the tutorial). x
    Good idea Grace ... I might just have to crochet a little flowers now - watch this space! x
    I know Fostermummy - me too!! x
    Thanks Debbie - you'd be brilliant - I am sure x
    Juhli - thank you x
    North of.... I know - gotta get the blue in somehow! x
    Sammyleia - welcome - do you mean extra stitches on the needles or actual rows? It sound like you might be knitting into the loop as well as the stitch if you are gaining stitches on the needle - incidentally this is one way to increase, so if you are doing that - well done x

  11. I've got a couple of PHD's too, and one of them is a cardigan for my little grandaughter!

    I've only got the front bands and the buttons to sew on but they're the jobs I hate!

    I'm DEFINITELY going to finish it off this weekend!


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